mercredi 18 septembre 2013

Fashion New : Freja Beha capsule collection with denim label Mother

Ah, Freja Beha Erichsen. Such an icon, such a face. And did you know that... She is Danish?

I love so much her style, her difference, who made her so unique between the other models. I like her boyish attitude and tomboy's way of dressing herself, her hair ( the famous "Freja cut" that everybody wanted a few years ago), her tattoos.

If she stops a little bit modeling, she however just launched her capsule collection in collaboration with Mother Denim.
"I wanted to stay true to what I would wear"

 I have to admit, it's a crush. The simplicity of denim and shirts. Just something that fits perfectly to your body, strongly influenced by her androgynous style. Is there something scandinavian in this minimalist chic? By the way, that is exactly my current mood about fashion. I want to get good and quality basics, beautiful shirts, great denims, warm knits. I guess Scandinavian style just got me!

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