mercredi 18 septembre 2013

New York Fashion Week : #1

Of course, I had to speak about the last NYFW. If I did not, this blog could not be credible...

What have been my favorites?

Let's begin with Alexander Wang. Never disappointed by this american guy. If I've not been really into the last collection, I'm totally seduced by the Spring-Summer 2014.

Some looks, and then, my opinion.

 The shirt reinterpretation , the natural, the extreme structure. Neutral colors. Femininity in the boyish. Everything that I love.

And let's speak about the beauty look Alexander chose. Nothing. Total nude. Not a "fake nude" that usually means in fashion shows : foundation, powder etc... No. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Once again, he makes the difference. The hair are worked in a way we believe models just got up from their bed. Okey we have to admit Alexander Wang had every top models of the moment. But anyway...

Source: Garance Doré

One of my favorite : Behatii Prinsloo.

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