vendredi 27 septembre 2013

Spotted : Isabel Marant for H&M

Here we are!!!
The collection, which will be launched on the 14th of November, is now published everywhere on the internet.
I am so happy that Lou Doillon represents this collection (one of my style icon.)
The collection is loyal to Isabel Marant's spirit, actually you find the same product more or less, for a (VERY) cheaper price.
I am a Isabel Marant fan since such a long time. She defined perfectly the effortless french style, you know that studied effortlessness. On Garance Doré Blog, the Parisian girl is described like this "Everything is super thought about, but she looks like she just woke up in the morning exactly the way she appears in front of you." That's exactly what Isabel Marant does. Isabel Marant designs clothes for the everyday woman. Something that fits perfectly.

(Just in case : she also designed a special collection for men ! For my male readers... take a look HERE !)
The looks :

I don't show you every piece of the collection, just my favorite:
You can find the whole collection here (click here)

The famous customized denim : 79,95€

Wool blazer, 129€

Printed Tee-shirt : 29,95€

Coat, 129 €

Silk skirt :69,95€

Now you can afford for the very famous IM boots : 199€

Studded jacket : 299€

Printed Blouse(worn by Lou) : 79,95€
Ajouter une légende

Comfy wool woat :129€
Pretty skirt : 59,95
Cool Sweat shirt : 49,95€
Love this scarf, 39,95€

The Isabel Marant famous Bomber jacket. Love it. 129€

Hope an H&M in Copenhagen will launch it... If not.... PLEASE FRENCH READERS, GO FOR ME!

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  1. La veste ceinturée....

    1. On est d'accord, je louche dessus... Le blazer parfait. Mais cher anonyme met ton nom :)