lundi 16 septembre 2013


Here we go again.

My blog takes a new start since I have just arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I am going to spend one year.

Here, you will discover, at the same time as me, Denmark and Scandinavia through a fashion point-of-view.
Actually I chose Copenhagen for this main reason : I've fallen in love, through some blogs, photos and street style  with scandinavian fashion, design, minimalism and simplicity.

On my blog, I will try to show you the shops, the brands, the designers that you maybe don't know through my eyes and my pictures. You will discover the Danish and Scandinavian hipsters maybe, I hope, some street styles I will try to do. I will try to cover many arts to make you understand their esthetics and way of creating. I'll enjoy also the next Copenhagen Fashion Week for sure.

This blog is also personal, and will show current photos of a common Erasmus student.

For the moment, I will only use my iPhone, hoping that I'll get another way to take pictures as soon as possible.

Let's begin with a little recap since my arrival, in pictures

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