samedi 21 septembre 2013

Today in Copenhagen

Today, despite a little hangover from yesterday's party, I went to Copenhagen.
Some pictures of the city and the streets

Bang & Olufsen outside


 Bike religion

Now follow me for a small shopping time in Copenhagen, in Strøget the main walking street where you can find the great majority of brands. I still not visited the other neighborhood called Nørrebro, known for its vintage shops, its cosy cafés, its hipsters and "cool kids". But I will!

I didn't shop anything, but it is the occasion to show you some shops I liked in the central part of Copenhagen (where everybody goes to make shopping).
Danish way of decorating random shops...

& Other Stories, I love so much this shop. Everything is so beautiful. It just opened in Paris so go guys. From sweden.

Urban Outfitters 

Then a more "luxury shops"neighborhood in CPH. You find Stella, Gucci, LV etc...
Louboutin dangerous shoes

But here, in Copenhagen, there are not that many "brand" shops. In fact, Danes seem to prefer shops which gather many brands at the same times : actually there a many concept stores in CPH. They mix many brands together. For example, this is Gossip, where you can find some Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang etc...

I discover a concept store called munthe plus simonsen, with an extremely worked interior. Everything was so pretty, with smell of scented candles, incense, a "pool" ( ??? ) and almost exotic fitting rooms, as if you were a princess. This shop is what we call here "Hygge"... creating a particular vibe, that could make you stay for hours.

Another concept store, very famous here. This is Wood Wood. For boys and girls, this is one of the hippest concept stores, proposing their own brand but also a selection from Comme Des Garçons or Kenzo. They have a website if you want to learn more about their selection and their clothes.

  A picture of a Wood Wood seller to take a look to their style.
And there, the bags paradise. Once again, this is not a brand owned shop, but a concept store gathering bags from Celine, Valentino, YSL, Jerome Dreyffus ( still my favorite... Oh France.)

 And then, the other most famous concept store : Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen. It is a brand, but inside the shop you can also find ... One of my favorite brand, Acne. This is swedish (so i'll talk about it later, having the project to go to Malmö in Sweden ;) )

So after dreaming about these shoes for years, looking them on the internet... I decided to try them.
The famous "Pistols" from Acne.
And yeah, they are PERFECT. The heel is not too much high, the zip is perfect, the leather, they hold the ankle as it has to be holded,  and they are so comfy : these boots are made for walking ( and for being loved. I can love them if they want.) And despite all my searches on the internet... I've never found a real perfect ersatz of them. It is always different and ugly. Of course I cannot afford for them, their price is just out of my budget.
But I can dream a bit since I've tried them !

Let me know if you have found the perfect ersatz! I'm still looking for it...

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  1. De belles photos, de beaux habits et une agréable philosophie.
    Véritable plaisir de découvrir cette aventure danoise. Merci, vraiment!