vendredi 20 septembre 2013

Today : OOTD/H&M Winter shoes/the danish girls

Going to the mall today, I've seen a typical picture of the danish teen style, and I had to show you, to introduce you to the casual outfit of a young dane.
Blond hair, mainly black outfit, boots or running shoes. 
The danish style for everyday is never wrong : the danish girl does not take risk. She likes to wear comfy clothes and running shoes ( their favorite are Nike or New Balance, it is like a religion here!)
She has a backpack or this type of sporty bag, which comes from a danish brand that you see on every girl here : Day Birger Et Mikkelsen‎. She usually wears a leather jacket or a fluffy faux fur one.
This is the "casual day" outfit of a danish teen girl.

My OOTD, New balance and comfy knit.
Blazer Zara, Knit H&M, Jeans American Apparel, New balance 420

After this, I take you to H&M, where I fell in love with some accessories of the winter collection.

This (real) leather bag. Aroung 100 euros... Should I cry?

Then, three pair of shoes. I am hesitating. I am searching for new flat black leather shoes.
I want something very easy to associate, comfortable, flat, a bit androgynous.
These two pairs are in real leather, so a bit expensive (around 90 euros). Do you remember the Tiger Of Sweden boots I loved? Exactly the same. But I am not convinced. They don't look as beautiful on the feet that on the display. However this is the type of boots I am looking for, but for their price, they are not that comfy...
These ones have heels. Not very high, but it makes me hesitate. They are a bit "ACNE" boots (click here to see), the ones of my dream that I won't never pay...
Actually I am more looking for Isabel Marant Dicker kind of boots . The heel is lower and they are more casual... I am still searching the perfect imitation of these... If you find it contact me!

Still a bit expensive for the quality leather... Same price than the first ones.
What do you think about these?

And then, these ones. I fell in love. They look exactly like the derbies/androgynous shoes I am looking for. But, they are not in leather... But they are more comfy than the two first ones! They are much cheaper (39 euros)... But they are not boots. My reason told me to find boots for Denmark, not this type of shoes, which needs to be worn with pretty black socks or small "invisible" socks. 

What do you think about it?
I had a crush on them.

What is your favorite pair of shoes?

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  1. Super blog Mallaury. continues x

  2. Awesome dresses..high heel shoes give wonderful look with these dresses!!!

  3. Looking so wonderful dear..I specially like this Shoes for Girls !!!

  4. The shoes are lovely!x