mardi 8 octobre 2013

And again inspiration...

I am sorry to over-post inspiration pictures. But currently I think about changing many things in my wardrobe, and also because I am going to invest in some winter stuff. I'll write an article about this change later. I let you with all these pretty pictures, which describe my latest crushes and wants.

Actually I had really nice comments about my "inspiration" posts. So here we go again :)
The beige coat

Some outfits that inspire me. Composed of perfect basics, and you can see that each item works with any other one ;)

The knit
 I love Capucine Safyurtlu's style. (Working for Vogue Paris, always seen with Emmanuelle Alt)
She has the perfect style.

Elin Kling minimalism

Always her


THE WATCH. Vintage Tank by Cartier

I just want the wool socks for this winter!

Light blue shirt + black denim.

Emmanuelle Alt 

I am currently obsessed with candles. I want candles everywhere in my room, to make it more cosy, to struggle the winter, the darkness with beautiful lights, and I want nice perfumes in my room.  It appeases me so much.

The beige coat 


I love the association of a camel leather bag, a white shirt and black pants.

Dree Hemingway overalls

Clémence Poésy "you're so french"

Cosy autumn moments.

Alexa Chung

The light blue shirt again

   I am looking for the perfect denim. The perfect shape that could fit to me, straight, boyfriend, slim, skinny, above the ankle...
APC raw jeans, that you must wear a very long time before washing it.


and ...
I CAN'T GET OFF MY MIND THE BEAUTIFUL BLAZER ISABEL MARANT FOR H&M... I hope the collection will be launched in Denmark... if it is not please French mates, keep one for me :'(

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