dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Des images, des pensées, de l'esthétique. Food for eyes and thoughts. My mood.

It's sunday, so the day where I simply publish tons of pictures revealing my current mood, what I love, what inspires me.

I was thinking about writing an long article about my state-of-mind these last days about fashion, fast-fashion, consumerism, materialism. It is a new turning point for me. But this article will require a bit of time, to explain what I really think, in English and in French. Maybe I'll write it when I come back to France. Feel so happy about this change in my head and my attitude.

I let you enjoy the pictures I loved this week.

Can't wait to find again my camera, and taking many photos. 

Isabel Marant's last collection, Spring Summer 2012. As always, she stick to her identity. Isabel Marant Girl is romantic, and on the other hand, she has to be strong, through some androgynous pieces. Isabel, I love you! I am not going to speak more about this, every single fashion blog/magazine analysed it.

Again, Isabel Marant. love the hair style. (Yes I am currently filling a big file of pictures in my computer cause I'm going to cut my hair soon !)

Isabel Marant, again

Need basics. Need quality.

Lost In Translation.

Leather shoes that last for a life. And a cute dog. And a cute carpet. 
A frenchie discussion

My icons?

the boots.

Mom (wearing the perfect knit) and daughter. (By the way mom, i miss you!)

Pure parisians 
Looking for the perfect irish knit

Almost non-existent underwear. my favorites.

A french summer

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  1. Coucou, je viens de regarder ton blog en entier j'ai beaucoup aimé...bonne continuation !