mardi 15 octobre 2013

FRANCE - Today in Montmartre

Today I went to Paris with my dad. I love having a bit of time in Paris with him. I almost never make shopping with him, but when we do, we do it well. He is the best judge for me when I hesitate, because... he doesn't make compromise : if it looks ugly on me, trendy or not, he will clearly tell me.

I made him discover a great address : the outlet of APC in Montmartre.
We had a very nice lunch in a cute place of Montmartre.
Today I bought some good basics I had on my wish list ( will make a post about this later, I am currently changing everything in my closet ).

If you don't have any idea for Christmas... I would like these painting in my room haha!

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  1. Salut Mallaury, j'espère que tu ne resteras pas homesick longtemps. Keep up the good work, xx