vendredi 25 octobre 2013

Fredag / Friday / Vendredi

Here, I'm almost always free on friday. It is supposed to be a "study day", but... of course it is not. It's really great to be in week-end on thursday night, thanks Denmark!

Now I have my camera and a friend of mine lends me her cable, so really happy to say you that by now I can make pictures with another thing than my iPhone.

So today we enjoyed the sun (we have to because Autumn and its rains/cold wind are now here). We took a walk in Lyngby, the city where I live. We saw many decoration shops, and oh my god, how much I love design shops in Denmark. I would like to buy everything. I already know that what I'll bring for christmas won't be clothes but decoration stuff from scandinavian brands/shops such as Tiger, Marimekko, Hay, Søstrene Grene, Mumi and many others... Home decoration and design are really important in these cultures, they really care about what they buy for their house. The consequence is everything interior design shops is fucking great.

Let's begin with the Outfit of today.

I have to admit that almost everything I wear comes from my mother. This is a red knit from Benetton which must be more than 30 years old. All my jewelry is from her when she was young, as well as this vintage camel leather bag I love so much. I wear my American Apparel easy jean and boots from Ash. The black leather jacket is from Zara. I think I am really into red lately haha...

My adorable friend Radka 

Seven Eleven, the 24/7 shop you can find everywhere in Denmark, really practical to buy cigarette whenever you need, or anything else.
 This is Tiger. A very famous variety store where you can find... Everything. From make up to tea-cups, from bathroom stuff to kitchen stuff, decoration, candles, chocolate, snacks, accessories.... Here every Dane shops at Tiger. Most of the small items cost 10 kroner ( = 1,3 €). It is just paradise. Promise I will bring some stuff, and I'll go there later to buy some things for my room.

We found another decoration shop where I could buy everything. I'm so in love with the Danish way of decorating their home, everything must be cosy, perfect, and positive. Oh my god I would like to bring all these shops with me in France for when I'll have my own flat!

I've heard these teas are amazing
This is Mumi cups. Scandinavian people are crazy about it, they like to make a collection of every cup they can. It is so cute, and I really want to have my own when I'll come back, typically scandinavian!

I brought the catalog. 

Another brand I really want to shop before coming back is Marimekko. It is a really famous Finnish design brand. I also took the catalog. I am really in love with the patterns. Everything looks cute and full of joy. I really liked the iPhone case, and the cups too I think I will make myself a gift haha!

By the way, I found some memories of when I made my internship at Chanel last summer.
I think this is the first and only time I wear Chanel dress and Chanel Shoes haha! I had fun with the other girls in internship during 2 hours trying many items from the 2013 Spring Summer collection.

The famous "Lego" bag, the Chanel brick, and the flowers sneakers.

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  1. tu as perdu combien depuis ton stage ? déjà que tu étais super maigre... j'espère que tu n'es pas malade. sinon le rouge te vas à merveille. tu aimes copenhague ?