jeudi 24 octobre 2013

In order to make you wait a bit more, some inspiration

I know that I didn't write for a while. And it is good :  I am living. I live many changes, and I don't feel able to express it here! Anyway I really want to write a good post about my vision of clothes by now, of consumption and some pictures of my closet.
In order to make you wait a bit more, I let you admiring these pictures I loved, that inspired me these last days, which give me ideas for style and also for decoration.



APC = Very into yellow mustard lately!


Pretty outfit

I love APC quilts for home. I love these colors and I would like to add some pieces in this style in my room.

Léa Seydoux



Books, love and chill

I love this room, the colors. It is a parisian hotel.

Manyyy knits 

Sofia Copolla

Jacquemus - La piscine

Association pretty silk blouse and knit


Isabel Marant

As always!
I really want to get some plants, flower in my room.

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