vendredi 4 octobre 2013

Posh Frederiksberg- Cosy Copenhagen and Vintage Thrift Shopping

Today we went in another part of Copenhagen, in Frederiksberg neighborhood.

"Frederiksberg is a fashionable part of Copenhagen with excellent shopping opportunities and green spaces. It is more posh than Nørrebro and Vesterbro, and the people living here are usually older and more established. Main street through Frederiksberg is Gammel Kongevej aka King's Road. Shopping is great here with many clothing shops as well as sushi restaurants, cafes and deli's. The quarter even boasts its own food street, frenchy Værnedamsvej – a gourmet’s paradise with specialist cheese, wine, fish and chocolate shops, as well as cafes and grocers - on the border between Frederiksberg and Vesterbro. " Source : Visitcopenhagen

We went to charity shops like Red Cross ones. Here, the vintage shops are not a mess like in France. Everything has its place, organized by colors and even by sizes! It is a real pleasure to thriftshop there. 
Frederiksberg is so cute. You don't feel like in a capital city... Everything is cosy, the cafés, the bars, you are between main shopping streets and at the same time in a residential district with big beautiful houses. There is a big French influence : you can find many cafés with French names and selling french products. 

I have to show you this shop. With my friend Laura, we fell in love. Some interior design, some plants, beautiful clothes and shoes, and an atmosphere... The perfect Danish shop!

Yes... October and I'm wearing my fur. It was FREAKING cold.

The laudromat café. Very funny place, where you can make your laundry and while you are waiting... you take a brunch.

For instance : this is a Red-Cross shop. Unbelievable? No, just Danish way of doing it.

We just love interior decoration shops...
 And flower shops...

  This is a thrift shop called København K. There are many in Copenhagen.

  This is a French restaurant! You could have seen it in a M6 TV report, headed by a French. We discussed with him... We miss French food!

And by the way guys...

I found a vintage Levis 501! Don't know yet how I am going to wear it, because I always wear skinny jeans... I also bought a leather vintage belt for 4 euros at a Red Cross shop.

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