mardi 26 novembre 2013

In my mind, inspiration / November

One one my biggest inspiration. The amazing Phoebe Philo. She changed Céline, she re-defined feminity. She took the best of the men wardrobe to empower the woman. She is such an inspiration for my definition of elegance.
Phoebe Philo, directrice artistique de la marque Céline depuis cinq ans, fait mine de refuser ce "je"-là, mais dessine des femmes dans de grands manteaux qui lui ressemblent, si raides qu'ils semblent tenir debout tout seuls. Lorsqu'elle dit je, c'est pour le conjuguer avec un principe. "Mon travail n'a rien à voir avec lephysique des femmes, mais avec leur pouvoir. Mon travail, c'est de les rendreplus fortes encore. Dans la culture populaire, elles sont très sexualisées et je n'aime pas ça. J'aime la simplicité qui rassure. Je veux aller contre l'idée que les femmes sont toujours occupées à séduire."
Le Monde 


Jean Seberg

Zara confirmed the end of skinny pants. Love that.

Little black dress, Mabille pour ...Monoprix!!!

lundi 25 novembre 2013

The Christmas list

It's almost Christmas time, and actually it's Christmas already in the streets and shops. It is the time when all bloggers make lists. So if you like it, I did it.
A common list, that could inspire you for your own gifts, of what I find cool. And another list, maybe the "dream" one, that represents in fact the things that I would like to offer me. ( When I get rich and famous, ah ah!)
Kusmi teas boxes are always pleasant! These teas are so good, and a really good idea to fight the winter. As well as the comfy knits, and a good cashmere scarf. On the left you can see pictures of "Jane & Serge, a family album" the photo album comes in a clear plastic cover with the following goodies tucked inside: Text booklet featuring an introduction by Jane Birkin and Andrew Birkin’s memoir of Jane and Serge, illustrated by Birkin family childhood photos, Softcover contact sheet booklet, Fold-out poster, 5 photo prints, Sticker sheet and Embroidered patch. If you know a fan, this is a good gift idea. For the winter time, some good-looking candles with a comforting smell are cool gifts too.
During winter, we like to switch perfume too. Something less light than in summer. All summer I wore Chance de Chanel and Eau ensoleillante de Clarins. Narciso Rodriguez is a perfume that I always loved, and that I'd like to have for winter time. It is really original and particular.
This polaroid is also something I love! This is a Fujifilm Instax mini. It changes from the iPhone photo, and make the moment "materialized"...
Beauty stuff : a very good BB cream for your foundation. I don't like foundation, it covers too much the skin, and the BB cream represent a really good alternative because it is not only make-up, this is skincare. I heard a lot of good things about the erborian. This winter you will need the perfect cold cream, and Embryolisse Lait Crème concentré, is, as I read so many times, the best one. Some blush and winter-colors lipstick are nice presents too.

The dream list ! But if you read my blog, you already know my tastes. A beautiful trench coat ( this one is from APC), the Acne shearling jacket, the Cartier tank ( the timeless watch !), ballerinas from Porselli, the pistols boots from Acne. And in my dream bags? The Birkin from Hermes ( and I know it will never happen haha let's dream!), or the Copolla for Vuitton. These ones are just unaffordable, so on the right you can see the alternative that I would like to have one day, a Jerôme Dreyfuss ( the coolest leather ever!)
But in my dreams, actually, I just want to travel to New York or to Tokyo... or anywhere!

Actually, making these lists was just a bit of entertainment. I know that when I visit blogs, I like that type of posts. But of course, this is not really serious. It is just the tradition of Christmas time, you know, when we were kids writing to Santa...

Me? My Christmas? Coming back to France, enjoy my friends, my family, Paris and some good restaurants (but also French shopping in my favorite places of course!), good food ( Oh yeeeeahhhhh Christmas dinners, foie gras, wine, figs, hot beverages, chocolate...) (Oh my god I can't wait), and cosy time, with candles, movies and a hot cup of tea just relaxing in front of stupid Christmas tv-shows. What I asked for Christmas, actually, is money. No, I know this is not a "cool" gift. But since I am living my Erasmus exchange year, first, I cannot ask for big gifts to my family, and moreover, I prefer to spend money on future nice projects, such as other travels, or to save it to offer me something I really have a crush on!

And you? Tell me about what's in your Christmas list?

Winter, cold, and fur coat

OOTD to fight the cold weather... I love this faux fur I got on Asos 2 or 3 years ago, for so cheap... Everybody asks me where did I get my coat, and when I answer on Asos for 60 euros they are all shocked... And they are even more when I tell them of course this is a fake fur!

Even if, with this temperature, I am just dreaming about this Acne coat... The perfect hard-winter friend, isn't it?
Brace yourself guys, this is just the beginning of winter... Brrrrr!

mercredi 20 novembre 2013

Wise and preppy

My outfit of the day makes me look like a little girl very wise. I like the contrast between the white shirt and the collar, with the bright red knit.

Shirt from H&M, vintage Benetton knit, APC jeans and Zara Boots, Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo.

lundi 18 novembre 2013

Stockholm - November 2013

Here we are.
We are monday, and I just landed back in Copenhagen yesterday. We spent a wonderful week-end in the "capital of Scandinavia", aka Stockholm. I've always wanted to visit this city, since I am a great fan of Swedish fashion and lifestyle, through all the blogs I read from swedish girls.

We spent 3 entire days there, from friday (EARLY) in the morning to sunday, taking a late flight.
No need to say I am so tired, because I had again a case day today, but oh my god it was worth it!
And we were so lucky with the weather.

In the bus from the airport to the city center, which is very far.

Discovering the youth hostel where we stayed. Such a great choice! It was so perfect, so cosy, plenty of young people from all around the world, very clean, the breakfast was so good, the pasta were free to have dinner... I definitely recommend it.

The team!
Marta and Daniela from portugal, Juan and Macarena from Spain and Laura and me from France. 

Then we decided to discover a bit the "island" where our hostel was. It was in the city center, in Noormalm. There, you can find the main shopping areas, restaurants, cafés, and more on the East, Östermalm, the "posh" area.

 Drottninggatan (Queen Street) is a major pedestrian street in Stockholm, where you find most of the brands.

The biggest Weekday I've never seen, it is normal since it's swedish.

While my friends enjoy a really cultural opening lunch (Lol!) I decided to try what they call the Dagens Lunch, in other words the take-away lunch you can have on weekdays for cheap. It was really good, a big piece of fish with veggies and rice, a very good sauce, for...6 euros.

Then we walked until the Kulturhuset.
Kulturhuset is exactly based on the same principle than the Centre George Pompidou in Paris (Beaubourg.) A free place dedicated to culture, where you have a library, and many different exhibitions.

Here some pictures of the exhibitions I saw there, and the pictures I liked.
 A mini Stockholm!

I love the light of these pictures, the cosy vibe.

"The entire work is based on the novel Under the Glacier by Icelandic writer Halldór Laxness, published in the 1960s. As Jonas says, the book  "is partly an homage to spiritual aspects of nature, focusing on a particular glacier, but as glaciers are now melting the work Reanimation reflects this present-day situation"."Reanimation II" includes video, sculpture and drawings." Source : Kulturhuset website
This exhibition was visually amazing. We could take pictures in front of the screen that make really nice effects. 

 As you can see, Laura and me know how to have fun with art.

At the Kulturhuset library, at the fashion corner, I found a really nice book about minimalism...

The roof of the incredible H&M (the religion there)

By the end of the day, we decided to see a bit of shops in Noormalm. By the way, I could see many pieces of the Isabel Marant collection. It seems that swedish people were not really into it. And I understand : really disappointed. It looked so nice on the picture, and in the reality, really poor quality and design...

Then, we went a bit on the East, in Östermalm, the posh and wealthy area. We visit the shops on Biblioteksgatan (shopping street). This neighborhood serves up an array of high-end shops, but also shops as COS, & Other stories, Urban Outfitters... of course we went in the two first ones, being swedish brands!

 Some pictures from the fitting rooms ;) I definitely love COS and Other Stories.

And the surprise of the day...... At H&M, I had an heart attack when I saw Caroline Blomst, also known as Stockholm Streetstyle. I am great fan of her blog, she is one of the most famous blogger of Sweden.
She is really, really nice. We talked about many things(but of course mainly about fashion!), Stockholm, the fact that she misses France... And guess what she even follows me on Instagram. (Yes I am excited. Yes I admit.)

And we ended the day with a big plate of pasta well deserved at the hostel!


 Saturday was such a full day. We went to Gamla Stan, the Island between Noormalm and Sōdermalm.
"Gamla stan (The Old Town), until 1980 officially Staden mellan broarna (The Town between the Bridges), is the old town of Stockholm,Sweden. " Source Wikipédia
In fact, this is the medieval city with many colors that you can see everytime you google "Stockholm".

Then we crossed the bridge to go to Södermalm. There, we took the stair to The Katarina Lift (SwedishKatarinahissen), which is a passenger elevator in Stockholm that connects Slussen (the lock area) to the heights of Södermalm. The lift has been closed since 2010 due to lack of security in the construction. So we took the stairs! And what an amazing view on the city.

Then, we visited Södermalm, known for its second-hand shops, its concept stores, its cute cafés to take the perfect "Fika", the afternoon snack, which is a tradition here (Coffee and pastries)
Södermalm is a district of small boutiques. SoFo – the area south of Folkungagatan – along with Götgatan, has become a diverse scene for the new and unexpected, as well as top-class vintage merchandise. This is a place for fashion and design mavens to find things that have been much written about as well as unique items.  Source : visitstockholm
The thrift shop beyond retro.

The famous concept store " GrandPa"

  We had a late lunch in Södermalm, in a tapas restaurant.

And then, we found the perfect and cosiest café to enjoy a coffee, and swedish delicious pastries...

And then, we walked to the famous Fotografiska museum.

This museum is amazing. I had such a great time there. It is a pleasure to watch so many beautiful pictures, getting lost in a exhibition...

I had a crush for this one.
Paolo Roversi, is famous for his nude portraits, has worked with many famous muses everybody knows. His photos have deeply moved me.
He knows how to show the beauty that there is in every body. They are all different, and yet we do not watch nudity, we are captivated by the eye-contact of his muses.

 The last exhibition we saw.

We had fun with the museum own photo booth.

 And then coming back again to the hostel in the Stockholm's darkness.


We went into "MOOD", a small and beautiful shopping centre in Ostermalm. There we found a very nice exhibition called Non-Violence.

Isn't it amazing? Busts, made ​​only of iron mail. 

What I purchased there? Actualluy I've been really wise. I just bought a basic tee at & Other stories, because it fits me perfectly. And I was SO HAPPY, to FINALLY find The Gentlewoman, this bi-annual magazine ( that looks more like a book in fact). This is considered as a Bible by the fashion world. I think I will write about it. The inside is so aesthetic. The pictures so beautiful, and the interviews so interesting.
The Gentlewoman magazine takes a look at the world of female fashion with a witty and intelligent approach. There will be in depth interviews with the women that are currently shaping our world today. The magazine will also provide fascinating new clothing lines and new designer information for readers who like to stay up to date with the latest fashion movements. The magazine is published by the same people behind Fantastic Man magazine. This magazine is packed full of great enjoyable content and beautifully laid out full page images. 

How can I conclude? I had such an amazing time.
I realized how much spending your money in traveling in the best way to spend it. I feel so grateful, so fulfilled. I am already thinking about a future destination. I would like to leave for a new and unknown destination every month... How lucky am I...