dimanche 3 novembre 2013

A very particular autumn sunday in Denmark : Hubertusjagt

During our last night in a bar on friday night, we met a German guy named Jay. We discussed with him and he let us know that a really special event was going to happen... In the great park just next to our dorms!
It is called Hubertusjagt, which means the Hubert's hunt (La chase de la Saint-Hubert). It happens once a year, on the first sunday of November. It is a tradition for the royal family, this event occurs since centuries. It is a cross-country, but everybody at the same time, in the royal park. Every rider wears a red suit.

We spent a great morning actually. We enjoyed the autumn nature, the forrest, the park. We enjoyed the little things of life which make every season beautiful, walking like children in the dead leaves. We walked a lot to follow the riders! But what a great idea, thank you Jay for this fabulous idea! What the destiny can make amazed me. If we didn't speak french at the bar last friday, he would have not spoken to us, and would have never known about this event. These little happy coincidences... make life so beautiful and make me so grateful.

So we went early in the morning, with our boots, our raincoats, my hat, took the bus and then arrived at the entrance of the park.

We joined Jay at the entrance, he was very elegant in his countryside outfit! "I wear my Aigle boots!"
Of course I know Aigle Jay, I'm french and every french girl used to have Aigle rain boots in her childhood ;)

You can actually see that this is quite a big event !

I let you know how the race looks like...

There is a special race for ponies too!

For the final, every rider cross the lake. We sat there and enjoyed some good snacks Jay brought. We had the best place to see the end of the race!

I let you enjoy this beautiful video

Every spectator was really elegant, wearing their Barbour and their rain boots for the occasion.

This is the castle, where the race ends.

And then we came back, under the danish rain ( when I say Danish it means a rain you could not imagine as a French people)

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