mardi 12 novembre 2013

Inspiration list

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates on my blog, but don't worry, I am going to Stockholm this week end and I am so excited about it, so soon you will see a big post about it !
Going to Stockholm, the temple of shopping, I am thinking about my wish list. Of course, I am not going to buy a lot of things, (this is not the real aim of this travel!) and I stay conscious about what I want and what I really buy at the end.
This is just a post with some ideas, some crushes.
This is just an "inspiration" list. As I told before, I want to find the perfect items, and I give me time to find it.

Going to Stockholm, I cannot miss Acne. Acne is THE swedish brand. And since Acne is really famous for its jeans, I was thinking about : but WHICH type of jeans? I always used to wear skinny jeans and slim. And now, I feel like maybe it is not the perfect cut for me. Since I wear my 501 and my APC jean, I'm more interested in other shapes. What do you think? Is the skinny fit still the best type of jeans? Or should I try new types?

Acne Pop is a boyfriend jean, over the ankle.

The blogger " The Blab" in the Acne Pop jean. With pumps. I love so much this basic style.

No skinny fit! And it looks so nice.
Speaking about other types of cut in terms of pants, I had a crush on these pants worn by Jeanne Damas.

With a pair of heel, doesn't it look so nice?
Actually, it comes from a French designer called Nathalie Dumeix. And I discovered that I really like her creations. Jeanne Damas is her "muse" by the way. She created with her some items, like these pants I like.

Here are some pictures of her collection. I like also the carrot pants!

Love this outfit from Nathalie Dumeix.

This designer makes also really nice knits.

And I really love this trench coat. I would like to get one maybe for the spring : a essential in the wardrobe!

 And this is also a Nathalie Dumeix skirt. I love the cut!

Two items from the Isabel Marant collection. Still in love with the blazer, but I also like the coat. I love the shape of the boyfriend coats Isabel Marant makes.

Isabel Marant Etoile collection kits, I always loved them
I also want to get some basic tee shirt. American Apparel is still the best brand for it, I love their basic tee shirts. This time I would go for Round neck!

I would like to get some pretty tops or shirts, more feminine, silky.
This body from Princesse Tam Tam is really pretty.

Still in my head for this spring, a perfect pair of ballerina flats.

I can't wait to go again in APC "stock" in Paris (where you get past collection for cheaper), to find the perfect knits at the men corner ;) 

 I am also looking for the perfect ankle boots in black, since my Zara hurt my feet after a few hours... The model of my dream is still the Acne Pistol boots. You remember, I tried it in September. But actually I am very happy with my beige boots from Ash, the height of the heel is perfect and they are so comfy, that I even think about getting them in black if I don't find the perfect model.

 The Acne Pistol boots.
The Ash Jalouse boots.

In terms of "long-term" wish list, I am looking for a really good bag. A bag big enough for school ( and thus my computer). My "Celine-inspired" bad is currently dying, and moreover it hurts my shoulder so bad. But I didn't find anything yet that could please me. I am also looking for a really warm scarf, in cashmere maybe.

If we speak about beauty products, there are two things I would like to get. I am looking for a very good concealer, and I have heard about these ones as very good ones.

Nars, the famous Yves Saint Laurent "touché éclat", and a Gemey Maybelline.

And I would like a beautiful lipstick for the winter. I am very very very satisfied of the quality of my MAC Ruby Woo, and I am interested in this color for winter, the "Diva" one.

To end this post, I let you with some pictures of me wearing my autumn savior : my turtleneck wool irish jumper.

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  1. je pense qu'avec ta morphologie une autre coupe que le skinny rendrais mieux, j'ai pour ma part un jean acne model flex ( il fait des fesses sublime !) sinon le pull de Jeanne est très beau je le trouve vraiment parfait! Bon voyage à stockholm ;)

  2. APC have sample sales in Paris?! Where abouts?