lundi 25 novembre 2013

The Christmas list

It's almost Christmas time, and actually it's Christmas already in the streets and shops. It is the time when all bloggers make lists. So if you like it, I did it.
A common list, that could inspire you for your own gifts, of what I find cool. And another list, maybe the "dream" one, that represents in fact the things that I would like to offer me. ( When I get rich and famous, ah ah!)
Kusmi teas boxes are always pleasant! These teas are so good, and a really good idea to fight the winter. As well as the comfy knits, and a good cashmere scarf. On the left you can see pictures of "Jane & Serge, a family album" the photo album comes in a clear plastic cover with the following goodies tucked inside: Text booklet featuring an introduction by Jane Birkin and Andrew Birkin’s memoir of Jane and Serge, illustrated by Birkin family childhood photos, Softcover contact sheet booklet, Fold-out poster, 5 photo prints, Sticker sheet and Embroidered patch. If you know a fan, this is a good gift idea. For the winter time, some good-looking candles with a comforting smell are cool gifts too.
During winter, we like to switch perfume too. Something less light than in summer. All summer I wore Chance de Chanel and Eau ensoleillante de Clarins. Narciso Rodriguez is a perfume that I always loved, and that I'd like to have for winter time. It is really original and particular.
This polaroid is also something I love! This is a Fujifilm Instax mini. It changes from the iPhone photo, and make the moment "materialized"...
Beauty stuff : a very good BB cream for your foundation. I don't like foundation, it covers too much the skin, and the BB cream represent a really good alternative because it is not only make-up, this is skincare. I heard a lot of good things about the erborian. This winter you will need the perfect cold cream, and Embryolisse Lait Crème concentré, is, as I read so many times, the best one. Some blush and winter-colors lipstick are nice presents too.

The dream list ! But if you read my blog, you already know my tastes. A beautiful trench coat ( this one is from APC), the Acne shearling jacket, the Cartier tank ( the timeless watch !), ballerinas from Porselli, the pistols boots from Acne. And in my dream bags? The Birkin from Hermes ( and I know it will never happen haha let's dream!), or the Copolla for Vuitton. These ones are just unaffordable, so on the right you can see the alternative that I would like to have one day, a Jerôme Dreyfuss ( the coolest leather ever!)
But in my dreams, actually, I just want to travel to New York or to Tokyo... or anywhere!

Actually, making these lists was just a bit of entertainment. I know that when I visit blogs, I like that type of posts. But of course, this is not really serious. It is just the tradition of Christmas time, you know, when we were kids writing to Santa...

Me? My Christmas? Coming back to France, enjoy my friends, my family, Paris and some good restaurants (but also French shopping in my favorite places of course!), good food ( Oh yeeeeahhhhh Christmas dinners, foie gras, wine, figs, hot beverages, chocolate...) (Oh my god I can't wait), and cosy time, with candles, movies and a hot cup of tea just relaxing in front of stupid Christmas tv-shows. What I asked for Christmas, actually, is money. No, I know this is not a "cool" gift. But since I am living my Erasmus exchange year, first, I cannot ask for big gifts to my family, and moreover, I prefer to spend money on future nice projects, such as other travels, or to save it to offer me something I really have a crush on!

And you? Tell me about what's in your Christmas list?

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