mardi 7 janvier 2014

Christmas holidays and come back to school

Let's begin with the outfit of today, I just came back here in Denmark, and you can see it : fur, hat, scarf...

Fake fur coat from Asos (old), scarf from Zara, Jean from APC, Boots from Zara and bag from Gina Tricot

Of course during my Christmas holidays, I came back in my beloved city, Paris. I enjoyed shopping, my family, my friends and of course... FOOD.

I also went to Cirque Phénix, and saw the great show from the Beijing Circus, with my friend Victoria.

I enjoyed some family and friends time...
Sister and Stepmother at a delicious Thaï restaurant
My mother and my two best friends for the last sushi dinner in France
My friend Victoria, currently in Paris but studying in Ireland
Trying for the first time my new instant camera that my best friends offered me for Christmas, with Victoria and Johanna. Can't wait to try it here in Denmark!

Some "food" times also (thanks to the christmas parties)

1) Christmas perfect dinner with a lot of seafood 2) First dinner arriving in France (the best one!)
3) and 4) Of course, Sushi 5) Some home-made macarons 6),7),8) I love so much thaï food.

Some horse-riding and different animals time...

1) The new puppy of my best friend Marie, called "Ganja" (ah ah...) 2) Me having fun on my horse at countryside house 3) Daddy and Ganja 4) My big cat Ginnie having some good cuddling time 5) My horse 6) My friend Marie riding my horse

 Spent the NYE in Rouen, the city of my school where I could see some friends coming back from their destinations during Christmas time...

And of course some shopping time
I discovered the concept store Merci Merci

Took a look to APC...

And I introduce to you the new coat in my wardrobe... The perfect furry and comfy coat, from Zara. Was not available anymore everywhere, and finally found it!

Hesitating about a very nice bag at Zara too. (Looking for a replacement of my current bag I use for school which is a bit..."tired"!)
A perfect imitation of the Stella Mc Cartney bag I love....

Some "Selfie time" (Apparently, 2013 was the year if the selfie...)

The big red chunky knit for Christmas eve!

Last perfect breakfast before coming back to Denmark, eating my last croissant and drinking a good café noisette...

And then saying hello again to CPH...

4 commentaires:

  1. tu ressembles tellement à emma watson !! :O
    Sinon, tu as bien repris du poids non ? t'es vraiment mieux comme ça.

    1. C'est gentil.
      Oui j'ai repris du poids, ça se voit tant que ça? C'est mieux? :) Merci en tout cas

  2. Je passe souvent sur ton blog et il est vraiment de mieux en mieux. J'aime beaucoup ton style et tu es tellement jolie :)
    Ah et ce manteau Zara en fourrure que tu as déniché c'est juste une tuerie !!! La chance !
    Allé, bonne continuation :)

    1. Oh ca me fait super plaisir! merci beaucoup!