vendredi 10 janvier 2014

OOTD in Rainy and Cold Denmark

Small picture of my OOTD while shopping in my city, Lyngby. Sales are really cool here in Denmark, can't wait to see it in Copenhagen.
Hat Zara / Scarf Zara/ Fur Asos/ Bag Gina Tricot/ Jean H&M/ Boots Crime Italia

And an hesitation between bags...

 From a Danish brand, it is really practical, with the zip and the shoulder strap.

The third black and white is a Zara One that I like so much, but it does not close... 
The last one is an Aldo, but looks too much like the one I already have, and a bit heavy and not practical.

Which one???

See you!

1 commentaire:

  1. wow les deux premiers c'est des copies de balenciaga et les deux derniers de céline oO de zara ça ne m'étonne pas mais aldo et la marque danoise ils sont gonflés