jeudi 20 février 2014

Beauty envy

Today I change the main subject of the blog (fashion) for some beauty wish list.
My birthday is in two weeks and I would like to indulge on some beauty products I want for a long time. Here is my beauty wish list :
First of all, the mascara Volume de Chanel. I have tried so many mascara, but when I tried this one, I did not recognize my lashes. I tried it but I never bought it, because I have to say it is quite expensive. But it worths its price... Would love to have this mascara, which is the best for my lashes.

From Chanel too, Black Satin. We don't see on the picture but this black is truly beautiful, it does not make you look like a homeless or a hard-rock star. Its name "satin" really means that the color is shiny and glossy.

I am looking for a good BB cream, and of course I have heard about Erborian's one as the best of all the BB cream. But I also thought about Bioderma's one, from their "AR" range, because I use the moisturizer of this AR line and it is perfect for my skin ( changed my life and helped a lot for my skin problems).

A good concealer : I heard that the Nars is the best of all time. But I also tested the Gemey Superstay that is really good too. 
Naked eye palette from Urban Decay. It's been years now that I crave for this palette that EVERYBODY talks about.

A powder. I would like a transparent one such as the Make Up Forever, to matify my skin after the foundation.

Tangle and Teezer brush : Actually I just ordered it on Asos. Everybody says this is the miracle brush. I lose a lot of hair, so maybe it will help.

And a sleeping mask. I am a morning person that never succeeds in sleeping longer than when the sun is rising. As a consequence I never sleep enough.

I have also fragrances wishes, something more "flower", more "spring".

Flora Botanica of Balenciaga // Lola Marc Jacobs
One of the Martin Margiela Replica. I love "Calvi Beach Walk" which remembers me my island...// Carven

And you? Do you have some advice, have you already tested these products? Let me know.

2 commentaires:

  1. J'utilise en ce moment le Volume de Chanel et franchement ce n'est pas le meilleur que j'ai testé. Il a tendance à faire des paquets sur les cils longs de base, et de plus je trouve qu'il se dessèche assez vite.. En revanche, la BB crème Erborian est trop, super agréable a porter, lumineuse et couvrante juste comme il faut ! :)

  2. J'aime bien cette whislist!
    Juste, pour la BB crème au ginseng d'Erborian: MÉFIANCE ! Mon cas n'est pas une généralité et chaque peau réagit différemment, mais, la mienne (à tendance grasse et acnéique miam) ne l'a pas du tout tolérée. Certes, elle s'étale facilement, couvre suffisamment et est très (trop?) pâle. Par contre, elle étouffe la peau, l'a fait briller, obstrue les pores et apporte un florilège de boutons...
    Si tu veux vraiment l'essayer je te conseille d'acheter le petit format même si moins économique...