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Copenhagen Fashion Week // Day 1

Here we are, finally.
This intense week came to an end, and I have finally the time to write the first post. I've just lived 24/24 my passion, running between fittings, shows, backstage. I am so tired, but so happy right now, even more determined that fashion is the only thing I want to do in my life. 

This post will sum up my first day at CPH Fashion Week, Tuesday, January the 28th.


For the first day of this fashion week, I've not been to shows as a witness. Actually, I've been contacted by the agency Gallery, who runs many shows and an important fair during this fashion week. I've been volunteering as a dresser for two shows : the first one was Chinese New Year on tuesday, and for A Friend by A.F Vandevorst on Wednesday.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was the official opening show of the fashion week. It took place at The Old Stock Exchange, and gathered three different designers, in two different parts:

First part : 2 Danish Designers : Mads Dinesen and Utzon,
Second part: the Hong Kong designer Badwin Cheung.

It was quite a challenge as a dresser, because this show gathering three designers implied that every dresser had two models with in total seven outfits.

I discovered three very different designers at the same time.
Since I was in backstage, I didn't see the show itself, so I can show you some pictures coming from Copenhagen Fashion Week official photographers. (Source here, where you can find all the pictures.)
The show was the opportunity to celebrate relations between China and Denmark through fashion.

This is the model I dressed. These silhouettes are from Mads Dinesen collection.

Mads Dinesen
 I liked this collection, which presented silhouettes for women and men. 
The collection is named Smoke-clad Warrior.
It is inspired by protests and fights of the society, the last clashes we knew such as the Arab Spring,  the resistance against the oppression of LGBT individuals and organizations in Russia, but also by all the pioneers who changed our society risking their life : Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama, Shirin Ebadi, Harvey Milk...
"The collection is focussed on being a fusion of elements inspired by history, ethnic cultures, and youth culture. The cuts and fabrics of this collection are an interplay between light and heavy, construction and draping, and of order and coincidence. The colour range is predominantly dark, though an occasional touch of colour does appear."
"Through the AW2014 collection “Smoke-Clad Warrior”, MADS DINESEN wants to challenge everyone: LOOK WITHIN! - CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES! – FIGHT THE FIGHT!  "
Source : you can find the entire cookbook and description of the collection here

The funny fact is that you can read on the presentation of Mads Dinesen collection: "Out of an idealistic point of view there will be no leather or fur in the collection", while the next Danish brand, Utzon, is a specialist of leather and fur. This is one of the interesting thing of this show : everything was totally different. I dressed 7 outfits, which had nothing in common.

These silhouettes are from Utzon, a brand founded by Pernille Utzon. This brand specialized in fur, and I also saw beautiful leather pieces. The coats were amazing, and I fell in love with the leather pants.


This is the model I dressed for Badwin Cheung's show. His collection named Just For Tee is very graphic, illustrating an influence of visual arts, through the juxtaposition of textures and colors. Between minimalism and avant-garde.

Badwin Cheung

Backstage pictures

Here are some of my personal pictures taken in backstage.

The Old Stock Exchange of Copenhagen, where many shows took place. I really liked this venue.

 Fittings of Utzon show, with the model I dressed.

 Models wearing Mads Dinesen's collection before entering the catwalk.

My model for Badwin Cheung's show

 My model had the final silhouette, very conceptual as you can see.  On the last picture you can see Mr Cheung, one of the model of the show and myself.

 The designer posing with the models after the show.

Fittings of A Friend by A.F Vandevorst at Gallery office

Straight after this intense three-shows-in-one, Laura, who helped also as a dresser, and me, went directly to Gallery office for the fittings of the next show I will work for : A Friend By A.F Vandevorst.

 It was very interesting to meet one of the designer of the duo A.F Vandevorst, Filip Arickx, before the show, to see him making the selection of the models he wanted to walk for his collection.
Filip Arickx is from Belgium, and thus it was funny to speak French with him. I have been amazed by its professionalism. Everything was perfectly organized.
I have been able to see the silhouettes the day before the show, trying them on different models. The designer made them walk in these outfits and selected what each of them will be wearing.

 Matching each look with each polaroid of the models, then taking a picture of the model wearing the look.

I will speak more in the next post about A.F Vandevorst, since the show took place on wednesday. All I can tell right now is it was one of my crush during this fashion week.


Straight after having finished with the fittings, I jumped into a cab to go to the Fashion Blogger Awards 2014, which also took place at the Old Stock Exchange. Laura and I enjoyed the ceremony, even if it was in danish. 

We discovered many danish bloggers. For instance, I've been taken in picture by the founders of The Road, a blog of street style and personal pictures based in Copenhagen :
Maybe I will make what it is called on their blog the weekly inspirational style : the principle is to take a "selfie" or a picture with your phone each day of the week, highlighting your personal style. 
I really advise you to discover this blog : last time I was speaking about the fact we were losing this spontaneity and the personal style nowadays on street style blogs. ( See the post here )
And this blog proved me that what I loved in Street Style does still exist. 
By the way, The Road won an award, and congrats to the team of this blog, who really deserves to be known.

One of the Danish blogger I knew before coming here in Denmark, Marie Hindkaer, founder of the blog Blame It On Fashion (, won the award of the International Blogger of the Year.
I went to congratulate her personally. It was the occasion to meet one of my favorite blogger. I love her simple and aesthetic style. Moreover she is adorable. By the way, you will see in the next post that I saw her at another show, and it was again a pleasure to share our passion for fashion mixing French and Danish point-of-views!

Here is the end of my first and intense day of Copenhagen Fashion Week. But it was just the beginning...

To be continued in the next post, Copenhagen Fashion Week// Day 2.

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