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Copenhagen Fashion Week // Day 3

Thursday, January the 30th

On thursday, I went to the city early because the first show I saw was at 11am at the Copengahen City Hall.
On thursday I saw 4 shows:
* Asger Juel Larsen
* Ivan Grundhal
* Wackerhaus
* By Ti Mo

Asger Juel Larsen

What I liked in Asger Juel Larsen's design was the clear desire to break the rules of the typical and well-known "clearcut neatness" of Scandinavian design.
With Asger Juel Larsen I did not see minimalism.
Indeed, the designer established himself more in the UK, in London, than in Scandinavia. The country of city street punks is definitely visible in his design. You clearly understand this influence through the collection, which is truly street-influenced, graphic and futuristic.

The collection is mainly focused on menswear, but there were some women's silhouettes.
The show has been named " Arctic Suburb Manual"
On the card you can find on your seat at the show you can read "Boundaries and morals are blurred in the extreme cold conditions, creating an aesthetic that is severe, arctic, and somewhere altogether sic-fi". The designer seems to have been inspired by the extreme conditions of arctic the explorers have to struggle with.

There was a really pragmatical approach (this is what I call clothes for a tough winter!) and at the same time something really creative, different. Outfits can let you imagine you are ready to go on a military mission on the moon.
It was very interesting for me to see something that stands out of the Scandinavian minimalism, with incredible prints, gold, silver and futuristic silhouettes.
The pictures talk for themselves better than I do.

Credits: Official Copenhagen Fashion Week website pictures

I had to take a picture of this Danish girl, wearing an incredible puff jacket, that is from a Danish designer named Stine Goya, that I invite you to discover as well.

After the show, I met Josephine Amalie, a Danish model you will often see on the CPHFW's runways.
I love her face and her attitude on stage.
(And you can laugh comparing my height and hers, moreover she was wearing heels...)

Ivan Grundhal

Ivan Grundhal is one of the well-established Danish designer, since now 30 years. I could see that in the audience, which was a bit older than the other shows, highlighting an established loyalty to the designer.
 "IVAN GRUNDAHL is unequalled in his cuts and choice of fabrics. The mix of fabrics, knit, and leather with enormous pocket-bags and a confusion of belts is superb."
Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Website

You will totally catch this desciprition with the pictures.
What I saw in this collection? A punk Marie-Antoinette, wearing big black biker boots, military-inspired clothes and a winter color-palette. Playing with fabrics, textures and asymmetric silhouettes.

I used Instagram to make short "teasers" of the collection. Just play it!


The show was named "Mount Sparkle". The title was perfect.
I truly liked it. I am the type of girl who easily wears black and dark colors during winter... When it is simply so much more beautiful, joyful to wear light colors and to replace black by white. Wackerhaus added to its collection some shiny aspects, sparkle, gold, silver and yellow, which paired perfectly with the golden and enlightened make-up. The shoes were really special sneakers, that brought an edgy style to the clear-cut and minimalism of silhouettes. I really imagined myself wearing these comfy outfits during a tough cold day. Once again we see what I like about Scandinavian fashion : a pragmatical vision of clothes, without forgetting the design and the style. (In other words, you can be warm in winter and still shining thanks to your silver and golden down jacket!)
This is what the designer tells about her label, that it is "important that my designs are wearable and practical", while keeping a refined & feminine elegance. So, well done Wackerhaus.

 Credits : pictures from Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Website

After the show, I stayed at the City Hall since I had another show just after at the same place. I spent a bit of time with a swedish photographer called Stefanie, that I met a lot of times during shows, in the press lounge room.
For this show, I managed to have invites for a few friends, so Arthur, Ambre and Anthony joined me for By Ti Mo show. Anthony has a good camera, which allows me today to provide you with personal pictures. (And thank you Anthony!)

By Ti Mo
By Ti Mo is the label found by the Norwegian designer Tine Mollatt in 2004.
By Ti Mo offers wearable clothes with the finest materials, where every little detail is there to highlight  femininity. I think especially about the presence of beautiful lace and silky clothes during the show.
Actually, Tine Mollatt spent "Four years old in the ballet studio, ten years old on stage at the theatre, seventeen years old sewing costumes for the Opera." (Source: By Ti Mo official website
You really see this influence in the silhouettes :
" Laces, capes, sequins, silk. Costumes that came to life at night, on stage. By actresses and opera singers. " (Source : By Ti Mo official website)
This fairy tale of the stage has built a Romantic By Ti Mo Girl. She is feminine, elegant and girly.

Credits: Anthony Lecas 

And some pictures from the official CPHFW website.

 Credits : pictures from Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Website

I went to backstage to have a close-up on clothes and materials. You always appreciate more the collection when you can see the clothes and touch it on the racks.

Very fun fact, one of the model of the show was Clara Rosager. She is one of the first Danish girl I followed on Instagram when I arrived in Copenhagen, in order to follow some tips of the locals ;) I met her in back stages with her best friend Karoline, they are both modeling in Denmark.

To be continued : my last day of shows at CPHFW.
Next post : Copenhagen Fashion Week // Day 4

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