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Copenhagen Fashion Week // Day 4

Here we are : my last day of shows at CPH Fashion Week.
Last but not least : I had 5 shows this day.
* Bibi Chemnitz
* Maikel Tawadros
* Bettina Bakdal
* Ayni CPH

Bibi Chemnitz
Bibi Chemnitz is a brand founded by the eponymous Danish designer in 2006. The brand is known to be dark, oversized, very street influenced and for a look often unisex. The brand designs silhouettes for men & women.
I really liked this show. It was graphic, urban and modern with functional hooded sweats, puff jackets, caps, padded nylon fabrics. The collection is really young, with the logo of the brand everywhere : on roll-necks, sweaters, sleeves.
 The designer knew how to balance urban and streetswear and feminity : even if girls were wearing caps, big sweatshirt or beanie, the bottoms were girly skater skirts with heels. I love this mix. When a silhouette is too feminine, the designer contrasts it by loose and nonchalant details such as wearing your sweat around your hips.
 I also liked the color palette of the show : on a black & white base, you could find some orange, light green and lavender. As you can see on the video I enjoyed a really nice front row seat for this show...

Source: Pictures from the official Copenhagen Fashion Week website

 Some backstage pictures.

The logo beanies and hats.

Do you recognize this model? He walks a lot for men fashion week in Paris (Kenzo, Dries Van Noten,Lanvin). He is adorable and have a very strong presence when he walks. It is Martin Lekic.`

Between two shows, a small treat... I went to the Tresemmé blow out bar, where you can get your hair done for free... So some curls for the day!

Oh... And did I show you the tough weather we had for the fashion week? Snow storm! Fashionistas could forget high heels...

Maikel Tawadros

After Bibi Chemnitz, it was the turn of Maikel Tawadros. I heard about him at the beginning of the week, as a new designer (he worked for many danish designers but began his own line in 2012) and for who it was his first show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. I was quite curious to discover him. Moreover the description I read about him inspired me. 
"Dark and gloomy, asymmetrical elegance combined with sharp,Scandinavian minimalism."
 "The color palette of his collections is minimal andconsists primarily of black in several shades,which is used in order to create the feeling of asharp, natural and non-forced look." 
Source : Copenhagen Fashion Week Official Website
What I liked in his collection? That I could imagine myself wearing his creations without any problem. If the make-up was futuristic, the silhouettes were functional, wearable, without letting down feminity, design and elegance through the use of beautiful garments such as wool, leather (totally loved the leather pants), silk coupled to details of fur and feathers and to the overall very feminine asymmetry.
I also loved the green print.
Models were wearing flat black boots above mid-calf socks. Pointless to say again I love simple black boots.
Hard to choose between the looks to show you. I really liked the whole collection.
I went to backstage to personally congratulate him, he was so happy and nervous for his first show. Wishing him all the best, congrats Maikel for your first show.

 Source: Pictures from the official Copenhagen Fashion Week website

And I cannot complain for how I have been welcomed...

Then, let's go to the Old Stock Exchange for three other shows...

Bettina Bakdal
"An AW2014 collection that is deeply rooted in her personal style , a mix between a classic look , graphic codes and elegant play with sculptural silhouettes.Finish is high quality. The focus is on longevity ,and the design is classical, but with the avant-garde twist, that characterizes a Bettina Bakdal collection." Source : Copenhagen Fashion Week official website
What was this avant-garde twist? 
A collection based on a total color block look, from head to toe, including the tights and the boyish derbies. And all these color blocks silhouettes build, once together, the winter 2014 palette according to Bettina Bakdal. A very slow walk, masculine silhouettes with oversized coats and pants, flat derbies, pronounced shoulders, or very long skirts, designed in colors going from black then grey, purple, burgundy,  pink, yellow, orange and brown.

At the final, on my instagram video, you totally catch the color palette and the color block meaning.

 Source : Copenhagen Fashion Week official website


"Unconventional, dynamic & poetic fashion for women". To be honest, the Finnish brand designed by Yat was not my style at all. There were too many mixes of prints that look like inspired by tapestry, too many colors, too many textures... Something was missing : an harmony between the different designs. That is my opinion, but on the other hand we cannot tell this collection can be described as always as a scandinavian minimalist design! And you can notice a leather good line, with many bags the brand is famous for.

The last show was a show called in Born In Peru. It presented two designers influenced by peruvian origins : AYNI CPH and Escudo.

Traditional Peru mixed with Scandinavian edgy design? Can be interesting.
The show begins with models walking in the dark while a video appears on the screen.
And then, the real catwalk begins. You definitely see the peruvian influence with beautiful alpaca handknits, and the edgy Scandinavian style with leather bottoms (pants or skirts).
A really simple and wearable collection. Nothing particular, I must admit, appealed to me.

Just an issue... Since the beginning of the show, I was thinking that models had a weird way of walking... until I understood : one of the model simply put off the shoes and threw it away. Kinda fun to see two models deciding to walk bare foot. The kind of little things I love during a show! #shitmodelsgottadealwith !

 Taking off the pumps!


Chiara Macchiavello is the peruvian designer from Lima who launched the brand Escudo. It was the first time the designer presented her work at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

What is the motto of Escudo we wan read on the screen during the show?
"Devoted to design, committed to heritage".
And this motto makes sense after the show.
"The current collection likewise manifests Chiara’s dedication to incorporating elements of traditional folk culture into her modern fashion design. The collection marries the long-celebrated, traditional weaving and embroidery techniques of the Andes with the contemporary cuts and edgy innovations of modern haute couture that can be seen on runways of fashion-forward cities like Paris, London, Milan and Copenhagen." Source : Aracari
I really, really loved the collection. All the models were wearing white tennis shoes, letting all the space to the amazing outfits. Moreover I like this simplicity coupled to the short dresses. You can not imagine with the pictures, all the details, all the handmade work you could see on every piece of the collection. I have brought home the lookbook, that let me appreciate every silhouette of the collection. The materials were 100% peruvian pima cotton, alpaca, merino wool, hand knitted clothes.
The embroideries were amazing.
I had a crush on certain silhouettes, particularly the dresses.

  And this amazing final dress.
Source: Copenhagen Fashion Week official website

 Oh and I forgot to mention something nice with the fashion week... goodie bags.

So, what is your favorite? Let me know!

To be continued :
Copenhagen Fashion Week : Recap, thoughts and experience.

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  1. Ca devait être incroyable tous ces défilés, comment as tu pu accédé à la FW de Copenhague?
    J'adore ton blog et pour cause il est dans ma blogroll
    A très vite,


    1. Hello :)

      J'ai envoyé beaucoup de mail aux agences qui organisaient des défilés, aux contacts des marques, et aussi une agence m'a recruté en volontaire pour backstage, qui m'a permis apres d'assister a beaucoup de shows :)

      Et surtout merci beaucoup ... ça me touche de voir que mon blog est lu et apprécié !