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Copenhagen Fashion Week : My recap

This post could begin by "By way of conclusion..."

This is my recap.
How I lived this first Copenhagen Fashion Week, completely immersed in my passion during 4 days in a row.

I began by being behind the shows, working as a dresser. Seeing naked models running everywhere looking for their next look, watching the whole make-up and hair process, how the designer acts the minutes before presenting quickly all the work he has done the months before. Watching how a designer chooses between models, the faces and the walk he wants to represent his silhouettes.

And then, I was the one who seats just to see the result, which lasts 10 minutes.
Running in the snow between every show, by a awful weather, but you just don't care because you love what you're doing right now.

I learned a lot.
I have seen and discovered a lot.
I have seen a total different way to perceive fashion and ready-to-wear than the classic New-York/London/Milan/Paris one. I have lived a different atmosphere, open, more welcoming, fun. I have met people who are interested in you and want to hear who you are.

I will close this "Copenhagen Fashion Week serie"by quoting some articles I found on the internet right after the week.

Copenhagen: Probably the most refreshing fashion week in the worldScandinavian style is finally making editors and buyers sit up and take note.
Even if the CPH fashion week is established since 1968, this fashion week has been very lately noticed by editors, buyers and foreign customers.
Now I think it is their time : even if its impact on the luxury market was not the same at all compared to other industries, the financial crisis has changed the consumer's behavior. People focused again on simple things(not only in fashion I mean, you also see this trend around the pleasure to cook and eat with all this #foodporn on Instagram and these TV shows), on basics they trust to be long-lasting and timeless. Extravagance is not the point anymore. People are more down-to-earth.
And if Scandinavian fashion could have been criticized in the past for its ultra-simplicity, its minimalist aesthetic and its laid-back approach, it is now what people are looking for. Comfort, security.

"Unlike other fashion weeks, what you see at Copenhagen is what you get. They do not bother with elaborate, and often wildly expensive "show pieces" that have no intention of making it on to the shop floors, unlike the majority of European designers. Instead, everything that walks down the runway will be available to buy. How refreshingly straightforward.""Danish design is "about real clothes for real people" says Olsen, and the world's buyers are beginning to sit up and take note. You don't have to be pencil thin to wear pieces from the runway in Copenhagen; they won't break the bank either. Designs from the runway are - dare I say it - functional, and relevant to the everyday woman. "
Source : BY SOPHIE WARBURTON, The fashion telegraph, link here

And now, let's just read a fabulous woman's vision : Didder Rønlund.
This 88-year-old lady, old friend of Coco Chanel is a reporter for CPH Fashion Week and has been attending fashion shows for 60 years.

This is her recap of Copenhagen Fashion Week, available on the official website of the event.
What does she say about this AW 2014/2015 Fashion week?
Danish Fashion for billions
"It's not even wishful thinking – Danish fashion sells for DKK 32,000,000,000 globally. Impressively, this puts the fashion industry at fourth place on the list of top national exports. Excluding furs but, with respect, including the subsidiary of Danish Fashion Institute, Copenhagen Fashion Week."
Didder Rønlund also highlights the danish focus on ecology, even in the fashion industry. This fashion week is the occasion to reming the green fashion summits that take place in Copenhagen, willing to make this industry sustainable.
Crown Princess Mary also works with the Danish Mayor of Health Ninna Thomsen to develop a healthcare offer for all young models and protect them. 
I really can ensure you that the standards I saw at CPH Fashion Week for models were not the same that the ones I see in magazines and other fashion weeks. YES, models are skinny, but they look healthy.

Didder Rønlund also speaks about this energy you could feel in this city, even under a snowstorm, all the events you had in shops, in the streets, parties... You had a total programme for what is named " Copenhagen Fashion Week festival", that opens the fashion circuit to everybody and allow any people to enjoy the fashion atmosphere.

Source: here

After this long week, we deserved to celebrate. I did with the fabulous girls from the agency Gallery I met for my volunteering in backstage as a dresser, and who work all the week at Børsen for organizing shows but also at the Gallery trade fair.
After a fabulous dinner, we stayed a bit at the official closing party of the Fashion Week, but quickly moved to Sunday club which hosted a party for Unique models agency.
A great night to end this intense week.

By the way, I would like to thank you on this post. All the great girls I met during this fashion week, who allowed me to see so many shows. Emina, Lina, Camilla, Karolina and all the people from Gallery.
Thank you for having made me discovering your fashion week, and have a great time in Paris to enjoy my home country's fashion week...

And long live the Danish fashion!

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