jeudi 13 mars 2014

Catch Up Paris ! // + inspiration

Time is flying, I celebrated my birthday in Denmark, and then in France next to all the people I love.
I've been spoiled, the weather has never been that perfect in March, and I enjoy.
I finally did not write about my favorite shows the last half oh the fashion week in Paris.
(Kinda lazy)

Paris FW was GREAT.
Decided that this time its funnier to show the collections I liked with backstage pictures.

First, I was waiting so much for Louis Vuitton with Nicolas Ghesquière. I've not been disappointed. I personally never liked that much Louis Vuitton... And then Nicolas brought his magic. What an incredible and beautiful collection. I looked the streaming on LV website.

I liked Isabel Marant as usual, even if she just relied on her classics from her past collections...

La bonne humeur par Isabel

Chloé was amazing. I just loved everything. Chloé 's aesthetic is timeless. Totally the type of thing I like at this moment.

(and Sasha Pivavora's come back <3 )

Stella Mc Cartney... as always. She makes my heart beat!
The shoes, the silhouettes, the cosiness, the knits...

 Joy at the final...

Saint Laurent was not bad too, but I felt some repetitions from Hedi Slimane. Though I  liked it.
Combination of short, preppy, rock and sexy.

I will let you with my latest inspirational pictures... trying to make me forgiven for the lack of news here!

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