vendredi 25 avril 2014

In a mess // last inspirations

Living without bras and panties in Summer

Next buy: a "don't fear the nipple" tee. (feminist cause and little nipples on my tee. What else)

Old & vintage Abercrombie&Fitch campaigns

Isabel Marant Pre Fall Collection campaign, with the wonderful Andreea Diaconu

 Lately i saw the independent movie "Starlet" starring my all-time favorite, Dree Hemingway.

I really recommend this movie.
"The bright sun that blasts through “Starlet,” a thrillingly, unexpectedly good American movie about love and a moral awakening, bathes everything in a radiant light, even the small houses with thirsty lawns and dusty cars. This isn’t nowhere, but it’s right next door — in that part of Southern California known as the San Fernando Valley, more commonly called the Valley. A seemingly endless stretch of subdivisions and McMansions, the Valley lies far below the rarefied heights of Mulholland Drive, that glamorous crest that helps divide the Los Angeles area into distinct swaths, economic realities, lifestyle choices and states of mind." (source NY Times )
Starlet explores the unlikely friendship between 21 year-old Jane and 85 year-old Sadie.
The movie makes you travel in the light of california.
 I always loved everything about Dree Hemingway : her face, her blond beach hair, her personality, her nonchalant teenage style.
In the movie, she is literally what we call now the new trend between a teenager"norm core". Very short shorts, destroy denim, cropped tops, converse and vans.
Directly when I go home I wash my old vans and get them alive again.
I love the effortlessly cool style of the grand daughter of the famous writer Ernest (yes she is!).

And other pictures of Dree Hemingway's style

She has a passion for vans and chuck taylor converse (if you follow her on instagram @dreelouise)
 Bensimon + Marc Jacobs? = Possible with Dree!

 And I let you with the trailer of the movie...

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