vendredi 6 juin 2014

Documentary : Speaking Dolls / paroles de poupées / the model's life through a model's camera

Manon Leloup is a french model who made great seasons in 2012 and 2013. She always wanted to be behind the camera, and not the model in front. Finally she decided to make this compromise : benefitting from her model's career to make discover what is the real model life to the other people who could have pre-made vision about it.
In " Speaking Dolls" she tries to show the reality of this work, not its famous clichés, by making us hear the ones that we only watch.

I rent it for 3 dollars on Vimeo. If you are interested by the backstage of the fashion world, go for it.

You will enjoy a total frankness from the models. I was almost surprised of the honesty of for instance Marine Deleeuw, who does not fear to say "fuck I hate that" "this thing really sucks" and tells the true life she lives without barriers.

Waiting, not sleeping, overdose of coffee and missing a "real meal sitting for hours at a table", but still saying they truly love their job.

The interesting thing in this movie is this honesty. The models are not scared to speak about the really bad aspects of their work. But when the FEMEN rush in the middle of a show in Paris, written on their breast that models are just objects, the girls know how to defend their choice, their work, and their free decision to make what they do.

I followed Manon Leloup on Instagram since a long time and you can really see that she has a passion for being the artist and not the object (this is what she says in the introduction, "I want to do, not being the object"). "Bravo" to her, it was a good idea to enter the world through the most honest point-of-view to get the outspokenness that this industry needs : the models' one.

To see the first minutes of the movie in french:

To see the trailer in English and rent the full movie with english subtitles;

SPEAKING DOLLS (english subtitles) from Artisans du film on Vimeo.

What do you think about that? If you like this type of documentary, the really famous one from the ex supermodel Sara Ziff "Picture Me" is also a must-see. The other documentaries are just repeating the same bullshit and stereotypes people already think about the fashion industry.

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