lundi 9 juin 2014

Summer's coming! //Bucket list

Yes. We are already the 9th of June. I just CAN'T believe how time flies.
Tomorrow I have my last Danish exam. Then 9 days until my final come-back to France.

Summer is definitely here and I have already some plans and some wishes.

First thing when I go back :
Drink French wine. The real one. FINALLY! (I began to be afraid to get used to beer)

When I arrive, I just dream about going to the hairdresser, after almost a year without doing anything for my hair. I'd like to get lighter, and to get a bit more blond...

And after, indulge in some summer shopping (don't buy anything here since a long time, because I already have to much stuff to bring from Denmark !)

Beautiful and light dresses, beautiful colorful and ethnic bag...

Because right after...
On the 26th, I will fly to my favorite place in the world : Corsica, Calvi and then L'Île Rousse. Yes, now you understand why my other family name is Vittori!
I can't wait to have my yearly dose of this place.

 L'Île Rousse streets and Calvi

And hopefully, I found a small job for the end of July. And not a job in a place I don't care about...
I'm gonna work for my favorite brand of all times, the one I always talk you about here :
Isabel Marant ! I am so happy. I would just work in the parisian shop, but it is a chance for me to know better the brand I always loved.

I'm gonna be surrounded by all the clothes of my dream. Seriously if you ask me what I would like to wear this summer, I would just pick every outfit of her collection.
Everything's insanely beautiful and represent what I dream to wear on long summer days and nights.

And after, I would have to find a new flat for my 3rd year of Bachelor.
And I have to admit I am looking forward to have my own place with my friend and make it cosy and beautiful.

And I hope for more unexpected adventures...

And you? How do you dream your summer plans/destinations/wardrobe?

2 commentaires:

  1. Oh oui du blond !! Mais un carré plus court et plus clair ...omg ce serait overcanon sur toi

    1. Je pense que je n'aurai pas le choix de couper dans pas longtemps mais pour le moment j'ai vraiment envie de voir jusqu'où mes cheveux pourraient pousser et me voir au moins une fois avec les cheveux vraiment longs :)