vendredi 4 juillet 2014

(Come Back) Oh summer I love you, and you inspire me so much

I am lazy... And I just throw you messy inspirations and pictures I love at the moment.
I came back from Corsica, and I wish I'd stay there all summer long.
Summer, hot and long days inspire me so much. I crave for short and long light dresses, ethnic bags...

I am so sad to know I won't go away again this summer. I just dream about being next to the sea, in a summer house, getting a golden skin and blond highlights in my salty hair...

Anyway... I promise I will post more! Maybe about beauty or my last summer purchases even if there are not a lot. Maybe my "top shelf" beauty routine!

Kate Moss Collection for Topshop... I am in love! totally what i want right now.

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