mercredi 8 octobre 2014

Fashion month is over! // Favorite looks & My Fashion Week in Paris

September is over, and lets behind us 4 weeks of intense fashion, between New-York, London, Milan and Paris.

This time, I decided I would not bother you with a ton of pictures completely disorganized on a post.

Thus I decided to create a Pinterest! And there, you will find all the looks I loved from the 4 entire weeks in all cities.
Moreover it would be perfect when Spring arrives (oh... such a long time to wait :( ) to look back for my inspiration and what I loved in those Spring/Summer 2015 collections.

Find my Pinterest here!

Abonnez-vous au tableau Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015- Favorite silhouettes de Mallaury sur Pinterest.

 Do you remember my last Copenhagen Fashion Week, when I worked as a dresser for Filip Arickx, one of the designer of the Belgian brand A.F. Vandevorst? (If you don't, see my related post here! )
He gently invited me to their show in Paris during this FW. 
It was in Garage Lubeck in the 16th. 

It was really a great show. I was very happy for the designers, the room was full.

On my seat, I have be given the little report of designers describing their collection.
Who is the A.F. Vandevorst Spring Summer 2015 girl?
I write you some of the important elements.

"Aerodynamic, she descends to earth. Harnessed, striding into the day as a parachute trails"
"Circling the contrasts of draping and structure controlled, the silhouette transitions through soft tailoring and utility daywear to the elegant flou of voluminous evening columns, as crepe and wools meet crisp poplin, rubberized molton and the daring explosion of mounded cotton imbued with aluminium"
"palette of cool ice treys and khaki tones erupts in flaming red and the graphic speckle of monochrome feathers"
"Aeronautical elements"
(...) "
The atmosphere was built on a Belgian director's movie "Moving Stories", Nicolas Provost, with a backdrop of a smoke curtain from where models entered on the catwalk.

How to say it was all I like to wear? Khaki, mix of leather fabric and soft silk, overalls, nonchalant sexiness with shirts you naively "forgot" to close...
Again, Bravo Filip & An! I am very happy to see that's review is this season valorizing their work. They deserve it.

Oh... And also, I had some selfie time backstage with the great model Maggie Jablonski who closed the show.

Saturday, my roommate and I just went a bit to Palais de Tokyo to catch the special Fashion Week atmosphere. Even if some things kind of bother me right now... All this circus of "did you see me" "take me in picture", streetsyle is now completely calculated... and lost its spontaneity, but I already wrote about it here on my blog. I had a discussion with a famous Swedish street styler about differences between PFW and other fashion weeks such as Copenhagen. I think Paris has lost some of its freshness... But this is the game. I watch it, laugh a bit about this circus, but I know that real stuff happen on the catwalk and backstage. This is the most important thing. Don't lose time outside to try to be spotted. Focus on what is inside the show.

Some polas of the week

And the beauty of the whole Fashion Week gets to....

The come back of Gemma Ward (back on Prada's show after 6 years!). 

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  1. It surely was a very exciting month! And it’s great to see Gemma Ward back on the runway again! It doesn’t look like several years had passed since she took a break from modeling. She still look as fresh as always! Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Derek Osborne @ Pure Love Boutique