lundi 15 décembre 2014

Industry News / Pre-Fall Collection are coming

Who missed the buzz of Chanel mini-film Reincarnation starring the two 'faces of 2014', Pharell Williams and Cara Delevingne?
As always, Chanel knows how to introduce its major events.

Reincarnation was like a teaser of their Métiers d'Art show. Every year, the fashion house chooses a symbolic place that sets a certain theme/spirit of the collection, in link with Coco's life.

This year it took place in Salzburg, Austria, remembering Gabrielle Chanel's time there, which according to the story, would had inspired her her famous jackets with the hotel's lift boys (here performed by Pharell).

I was not that interested in this buzz. It is a nice video for sure, but I waited for the collection.
Not disappointed. I truly found it beautiful.

I honestly prefer to let you watch the video to feel the whole atmosphere of the show. I am usually not a fan of Métiers d'Art collection... But this show was stunning. It took place the 2nd of December and totally (in my opinion) stole my attention from the (you know what) Victoria's Secret Show.

Oh yes you know what I mean. I call it model war. Because we have to point at Chanel's influence VS Victoria Secret's mission (to show the most beautiful women on earth). Obviously what Chanel means by beauty is not the same definition than VS... Still, in both sides it was a great level of "we have the best models out there". If you are interest take a look at this video, showing how these "angels" are casted...

I can't stand beauty anymore, too much in 3 days, ouh.
*eating Christmas candies*

Then, we assist at the launch of every fashion houses Pre-Fall look book.

And I am so surprise I love that much Gucci's cookbook. Seriously. But I have to say it does not have nothing to do with the fact we clearly see some Ghesquière's Vuitton inspiration for the knitwear... or even DVF for some of the dresses.

Meanwhile, Dior had its Pre-Fall show in Tokyo.
Dior's getting a kind of more modern character with Raf Simons, and Tokyo's Lost In Translation atmosphere. But Dior is still not my favorite thing.
And what? Again this patter on the knits and re-interprated even on dresses? Have I to say again there is a great influence of Ghesquière first collection for LV?
(Yes I definitely think he is the king right now.)

And I liked Julia Roberts for Givenchy.

Now getting back to exams.

Promise I will try to make a more personal article with some of my winter current faves.

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