lundi 2 novembre 2015


I was in Paris this week-end and Sunday I just came across an &Other Stories window where I thought I saw the word "recycle".
I was not sure until I found their latest Instagram post confirming I saw right: &Other Stories officially follows its mother-company H&M in recycling our old textile stuff, rewarding us with 10% vouchers.
"We want to reduce the environmental footprint in the fashion world, and recycling is a big part of that. We try to find solutions for it in every part of our process and have, since our launch in 2013, established an in-store recycling program for our beauty packaging. This program is now expanding and will include textile recycling too. From autumn 2015, our stores in Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States offer an in-store textile recycling program." 
What to say ? I feel happy. Things are changing. H&M seems to really try to be involved, at least. There will always be critics and skeptical people about big companies green washing, but I already wrote in my blog I think it is always something, and at the scale of such a group, believe me, it's already a big thing. So stop putting your old textile in the bin, take it back to one of their stores, and get a 10% coupon to have fun.

jeudi 29 octobre 2015


This posts is the first of the series of my thoughts, findings and favorites in terms of cosmetics, more precisely beauty products, brands, shops, that do not test/try their best to eradicate tests on animals.

Last time I talked about Eyes Lips Face and HEMA, but today I'd like to give a *clap clap* to H&M.
H&M launched a new make-up line this fall and will develop its beauty range further.

I was happy to read in the newsletter that H&M "has jumped on board with a bold campaign aiming to eradicate animal testing throughout the fashion and beauty industry. The retailer has teamed up with the animal welfare group Humane Society International (HSI) on an ambitious new pledge to make the ethical treatment of animals a priority in the business.
H&M will now advocates the HSI #BeCrueltyFree campaign.

H&M was already a non-testing brand, but as it's always the same story : the issue is to keep an eye on the whole supply chain of a giant such as the Swedish group, which are located all over the world. Considering animal testing is still legal in 80% of countries (!!!) there's still space for campaigns like these. The brand is clearly sending a strong message at all scales : consumers, countries' national legislation (the China's law remains a strong obstacle to convincing groups such as L'Oreal, which is way too much concerned by marketi opportuinities, to surrender such practices), and to the beauty industry.

If H&M has sure done a lot of mistakes in terms of CSR, it surprises me every day and I'll be happy yo test by myself its new make-up line.

Photographed by Elizabeth Brockway, courtesy of Vogue

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mercredi 28 octobre 2015


Today, I'd like to introduce you to The Harmless Project, a Youtube Channel created by Christen Gerhart, a passionate vegan and fashion lover who wants to prove that it is actually possible to combine both. Her videos are clean, short, and highlights curated brands that are ethical and aesthetic. She encourages to discover respectful small businesses and proves you that you can get beautiful clothes without hurting the planet or animals. Just look at her style and you'll be convinced.
She deserves a lot more followers considered the quality of her content.

jeudi 24 septembre 2015

#LFW digest

Here's my digest of what I loved at London Fashion Week.

My mood switched from NYC to London mode : it means I feel more open to eccentricity, bold prints, colors...
London is the city of new, emergent designers that have bold and eclectic collections. NYC collections follow a scheme/central idea most of the time. I feel like London shows have no rules and are more playful. Is three words, London is fun. And some fun can't hurt the so-serious fashion industry.
However you'll quickly see that my favorites are always the most simple silhouettes ( you can't change me...ah ah). But I do enjoy seeing more eccentric shows.


I loved the black/white/brugundy kind of color block and how the outfit plays with lengths, with the black crop bandeau and the transparent trousers. The jumpsuit on the right is simple but still highly desirable. 

  The oh-so-British Paul Smith.
This plain camel dress could have been boring, but the accessories made it all. And I love the dress on the left, the association of navy, bright yellow and red made me think of Matisse's paintings... And the necklace is also a statement accessory. 

Victoria, Victoria Beckam : back to the playground

If Posh presents her main collection during NYFW, she goes back to the hood  in London to present the sister line called Victoria, Victoria Beckham. Surprisingly, I had a little crush on this collection, because it has a certain innocence. The bare-feet models and the 70's floral print takes me back to childhood. I love the colors' associations and the denim. 

In complete opposition, I loved David Koma's sexiness, with cut-outs, fitted waist and leather details.

Joseph got me for the same reasons I mentioned in my NYFW digests (you know my current simplicity obsession). No-prints, minimalist silhouettes, ultra-simple white trainers, black, white, nude. Huge crush on this collection. Literally I wouldn't mind wearing these three silhouettes right now.

And I also liked three silhouettes at Topshop Unique.
I think the fluffy pumps are one of the main reasons. I don't know why I always wanted this in my closet, it's a fantasy but I will always find it cute.

The nonchalance of too-long sleeves and unbuttoned shirt.

I also liked the silky floral print on both this jacket/kimono and dress.

Next post: my ultimate crush at London. And next, Milan is already there!

mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Last #NYFW digest

What I loved at #NYFW SS16.

My conclusion is I am in a minimalist-transparency-lace-black/white/nude kinda mood.
(And that I want a bodycon minimalist midi dress ASAP).
Yas, quick and easy conclusions based on what I spontaneously liked on the runway.

Dion Lee

Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, the duo behind Public School, just took over DKNY, and in my opinion, that's for the best.  I was so incredibly surprised by the fact I loved DKNY for the first time. A 90's minimalist vibe, the transparency, the clean cuts, the thin stripes with navy, everything I like is here.
I also love the detail of the transparent mid-calf transparent sock, under the ankle boots or flat boyish shoes. I would totally wear everything. 

Rag & Bone, for the same reasons that told above... (I know...)

I loved that bodysuit at Lacoste

And amazind dresses at Prabal Gurung, as usual.

 And Proenza is always a must at New York.

I also loved J Crew presentation, because J Crew is always good at selling its personality and image, but I know I would never wear a silhouette like that, not my cup of tea once it's on my body.

Next: London!

mercredi 16 septembre 2015

#NYFW digest - Givenchy ultimate crush

I decided that, since I'm going to fangirl all through this post, I could begin with some rant.
I'm a bit angry, because Givenchy had its show in NYC. And Givenchy is French. And I know all the Rihannas, Kims, et cetera are in the US, but never mind, I give zero eff: they can afford 10 business plane tickets to Paris.
I won't debate in details about the recent laws that just passed in France about models, not here, and will just say ; here we are : some great fashion houses just leave to walk their show elsewhere. I will also add my opinion about this modeling law : the real issue to regulate is not BMI, but age. And great model protection agencies and people with a true experience (Sara Ziff for the Model Alliance for instance) of the industry will say the same thing. Period. I am not saying this IS the reason why Givenchy walked in NYC, but, I wanted to mention this thing.

After my rant, let's talk about love. So far I always respected Givenchy identity and history, as well as Riccardo Tisci's amazing business man work around the brand, but never had a personal crush with the collections. 
THIS collection, I had to write an article just for it, because I loved too many looks to include it in another #NYFW digest. Actually I loved all of them, but forced myself to select only some, just to not spam you.
Fact : it was all about black, white, lace, and lingerie as clothes, or clothes as lingerie, your choice. With, as usual, bleached brows.
Yes I'm in a "neutral" mood these past days, I'm attracted to black, to grey, white, some lace and thin straps and silky fabrics. Badass mood. Anyway.
AND. Riccardo Tisci was helped by an incredible creative hand on this show : Marina Abramovic, who supported the artistic direction. I'm fascinated by this woman... In the collection teaser, she speaks about the collection theme : love, forgiveness, and peace.
I did not mention the show took place on 9/11... Make the bridge.

I don't know how Marina Abramovic interfered in the creative process of the show, but in the end, I just found myself screaming at every picture " AHHHHH I LOVE IT".


I am ready to wear this, right now. Send it to me. Givenchy's version of a simple silhouette.

Tisci also went further in his masked-face-thing in this show. If you look at beauty close-ups, it's amazing.

 See you later for a #NYFW digest.