vendredi 30 janvier 2015

Couture week

I don't follow couture as much as I follow ready-to-wear fashion weeks, but this season, I had really nice surprises.

Actually the problem with couture is I find everything beautiful, it takes your breath away : the attention to every detail, the amazing craftsmanship...but this emotion is totally objective. I hardly imagine these beautiful pieces in my wardrobe (obviously), but moreover, I don't really find inspirational silhouettes to adapt/interpretate in my own style, because I feel that it is sometimes quite repetitive. Many couture collections don't show a true risky difference season after season: it is always gorgeous, but not often original.

As always, I liked Bouchra Jarrar.

The sexiness of going totally nude under an ivory man's jacket...

And this season, I was surprised to love Chanel and Dior collections. Raf Simons is almost convincing me about Dior, collection after collection.
He amazingly succeeds in bringing something modern into Dior couture. These glitters overalls, the colorful stripes on ballet-inspired skirts, the transparent plastic trench-coats...

And yes, I loved Chanel. So colorful. Some will tell that it is always the same thing, these tweed little jackets... But this time, it's a total new type of Chanel jacket : a cropped one. Say hi to belly bottoms. Finally something young and fresh genuinely combined to Chanel's heritage. Karl Lagerfeld already re-interpretated a lot of times the Chanel little jacket...but this time was the good one, in my opinion. And all these flowers, all these colors marry perfectly together. The show was so refreshing. An ode to joy and cheerfulness.
Once again, we see this phenomenon of hiding the face for showing something else lower....I already spoke about that in this post. Faces are subtly veiled, belly buttons are out.

I found this video on Chanel News website. Thank to the video, you are more able to catch the sense of detail of Chanel's couture tradition. I love to see the fittings for a collection. You can see the clothes move, being put on, being put off...


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