vendredi 2 janvier 2015

Editorial crush : Vogue Paris December 2014 / Inès de La Fressange starring her own daughter Violette

The last Vogue Paris is just great. The December issue has been supervised by our national icon Inès De La Fressange. A lot of interviews, a insight of her gorgeous and cosy house, retrospectives with old photographs and polaroids, her favorite adresses around the world... I loved this issue.

But I felt in love especially with the Miss Vogue shooting, starring Ines' daughter Violette d'ursa, by Scott Trindle, and brilliantly (as always) styled by Géraldine Saglio.

It is very hard to make look elegant oversized clothes on a young girl (unless you are Phoebe Philo, the genius in this field).
It is a question of perfect fit and good associations in order to not lose any sense of sexiness. This is something I always appreciate, the perfect balance between proportions.
As I told before, this is something I rarely find. Phoebe Philo with Céline, proved me a woman can be attractive and seductive as hell with XL clothes and pants associated to flat (and boyish) shoes.
I hardly swap my skinny jean for another type of pant. 

And this Vogue editorial makes me really think about making up my mind.

Credits : Vogue Paris , Condé Nast

I will post a 2015 inspiration post tomorrow. And I have in mind a Beauty post with all my favorite products.

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