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My beauty staples

It's been a long time I wanted to write a short post with the products I used the most during 2014, and the ones I will use in 2015!

Besides fashion I love beauty products, cosmetics and I am fascinated by the effectiveness of some quality products.
But I am not a cosmetics obsessed. If I love to have a lot of clothes, I am more "less is more" when it comes to beauty.

I think that skincare is something crucial you should not play with. Moreover I have a very sensitive skin... Some days it will be completely dehydrated, the day after I will have zits... Yes it is quite a struggle to get a completely flawless skin.

This is why I think you can get most of the make up in grocery stores or even at shops such as Hema (their cosmetics are so cheap and very nice), but should always be intransigent about where comes from your skincare.

I am French and we are famous abroad for our great pharmacies... I am lucky enough to get access to them with their large range of great products. And year after year I prefer to get my products there when it's not nail polish, lip gloss, eyeshadow... My all-time favorite brand is Bioderma without any doubt.

Skincare, body,  hair and fragrance

As I told before Bioderma Créaline range saved my skin. I remove make-up every evening and clean my face every morning with H2O Créaline since several years, and will never go back to something else I think... I also use their Hydrabio serum to moisture or if I have some skin issues I will use Créaline DS+ (definitely saved my face when I got a short acne period during last winter).

In the shower, I like to wash my face with Caudalie Mousse Nettoyante Fleur de Vigne. I think Caudalie is also a great pharmacie brand.

At the pharmacie, even if it does not appear on the picture, I like to buy pure Jojoba Oil to massage my face before going to bed. If you don't know it, Jojoba oil contains almost all of the vitamins and minerals essential for healthy skin : vitamin E, B-complex, copper, zinc, selenium, iodine, and chromium. It really is the closest thing to the skin's own natural sebum which is one of the things that makes it so great as a skin care ingredient. It has properties to fight acne too. I tried also almond and argan oil but I think that for face, jojoba oil is the best.

And also for my body, I tend to prefer to use oil to moisture it. I use a cheap cotton seed oil from Hema I golfer 3 euros, and it works really well.
For a more expensive and "pharmacie" version, I would advise Neutrogena body oil. You can put it before or after shower, and I find it works better than most of lotions.
At the grocery store you can find Le Petit Marseillais huile sèche which is good too.

For my hair, I did not find my happiness yet. I switch products a lot, but I think that it is actually good for hair to not get used to a shampoo or conditioner.
I use most of the times shampoo or conditioner for blond/bleached hair to maintain my highlights and use purple masks (from Dessange or Garnier) to avoid orange or yellow aspects.

I had a big love for L'Oreal Mythic Oil, but recently my mother offered me an after-sun oil from Kiko. It is supposed to be for summer use... And I quite love it. It is anti-frizz and works really well put before drying/brushing. 


As I told before, I don't have a lot of make-up, but love to get the right one. If I don't expand my collection too much it is because I don't like a lot eyeshadows or liners, khôls on me. I find for instance the Naked palette from Urban Decay absolutely gorgeous on other people, but for me it just does not work.

For the complexion, I use the Clarins Skin Illusion since 3 years as foundation. It is just the best fondation I know so far. 
If my skin is not very well, irritated or with a lot of pimples, I switch to Bioderma AR BB Cream (AR is for Anti-Rougeurs).
My other stapple is (as everyone) Yves Saint Laurent Touche éclat. It's an investment, but it does worth the legend ( yes every model or make-artist quotes it in their interviews).
And the best concealer of all time (according to me), that covers perfectly dark circles or pimples, and stays all day long is from grocery store. It is Gemey Maybelline Super Stay 24h. End of. 
But I hesitate to try Nars concealer after all I read on the internet.
But Gemey's 8 euros. Nars' one is 25 euros. And Gemey's just great.

My roommate offered me for Christmas a Benefit make-up box with a nice primer (That Gal) and an highlighter too (High beam). I love highlighting my temples , the top eyelid and highlight some parts of my face.

This is the Benefit Box I talked about above (on the right).

I could not live with a good blush. For a very long time, I used the three-blush palette on the left from Bobbi Brown. They stay really well all day, and I use the matte one to contour cheek bones and the pink one to bring light.

But for Christmas I got the blush everybody recommends on every beauty interview... The famous Nars blush in Orgasm. I'm trying it these days. Love the perfect color but afraid it does not stay as much as Bobbi Brown ones.

Eyes and brows.

I think brows are juste determining of your look.
It shapes the whole face. I sometimes use a brow pencil to fill it, but I have quite a good brow line so I just tweeze it a bit, cut it and use this Hema very cheap eyebrow gel in the darkest color everyday even if I don't wear a lot of make up.
If I had to choose to bring only one make up tool in my luggage, it would be a eyelash curler. Mine is too old now, but even if I don't wear any make-up at all I will curl my lashes : it directly bright your look and open your eyes.

I tried a lot of mascara, expensive, cheap, famous brands, grocery stores brands...
And the only one I like is L'Oreal Millions de Cils.
But I am never satisfied when it comes to mascara. I am currently trying the Benefit They'Re Real, and it is quite good. Volume de Chanel is a good one too but more for the night/parties because the result is quite thick.


To be honest, I have way more lip glosses,  lipsticks... 
I love Clinique Chubby Sticks, and Hema proposes really good cheap version of it. It is a coral one very shiny and moistures quite good.
And the only perfect red lipstick that stays all day is MAC lipstick, and I choose the matte Ruby Woo (one of the most quoted lipstick too). Believe me you can eat an apple and still have your MAC red lipstick on your lips after it.


2 years, like all the other girls I used to love to change nail colors every 3 days. I had a big collection of nail polishes.
And since last year I don't know why, I just don't bear to wear color. First because I just hate any chipping colored nail. I'd love a great light transparent pink, looking perfectly clean., like Ballerina from Chanel or the ones from Essie.
I find the perfect pink at Hema. It is their "Nail hardener".
If I switch, though very rarely, it would be for Chanel in Black Satin or in Péridot. They look great. Péridot is amazing and the color you see depends on the light.

The 2014 fail is...

I tried the Crème prodigieuse from Nuxe, supposed to be an anti-oxidant, anti-skin stress moisturizing cream. It smells like paradise and it is very nice to apply.
But after a few days my skin looked like a disaster. 
Even if the girl from the pharmacy told me that she would not advise this for a sensitive skin, since it contains perfume, I took it. And I regret it : quite expensive for nothing...
Lesson learned : I will sitck to Bioderma.

This year I would like to try...
Huile De Nuit Détox from Caudalie
"This dry oil helps to renew and protect your overtired skin while you sleep. Skin is detoxified and the complexion is revitalized. A cocktail of 5 essential oils and 3 vegetal oils, this 100% plant-based formula promotes cellular renewal and toxin elimination. On waking, skin is replenished and renewed. "

Spray d'Eau Thermale, Avène

Créatine Tolérance +, Bioderma

The Glossier kit, the new cosmetics line by Emily Weiss, the founder of my favorite beauty blog IntoTheGloss... When they will ship to Europe...

And what aboutyou? What are your all-time favorite? What do you want to try this year?
Don't hesitate to ask if I have tried it yet... I have tried a lot !

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