dimanche 30 août 2015

Cruelty-free, available and cheap.

Lately I got interested a bit more in checking what the most famous cosmetic brands nowadays were actually doing.
And believe me, once you got interested in switching to cruelty-free options in terms of cosmetics, the challenge is huge because the great majority of companies you will find in your casual drugstores do test on animals.
You can already forget all the brands you know that actually sell their products in China (Chinese law makes compulsory the test on animals before selling the products).

So yes. L'Oréal, Gemey Maybelline (ones of the worst... too bad their product are affordable and quite good quality.), MAC cosmetics, and most of the Sephora brands.

Yes I do have some of these brands in my make up bag. I won't throw it away (it's actually useless to waste things, if not worst in regards to environmental concerns), but I won't buy it again.
I am not writing with the aim to be a role model, but to show you there are alternatives that are sustainable and cruelty-free. I am not perfect and still use products that hide bad truth about their methods, but one thing at a time and aiming at improvement is already a good point.

You can find a good list on PETA website, but this list is not the only source you can refer to : a lot of brands that don't test on animals are not certified by PETA. You can check also the leaping bunny website, and this list are good too. I encourage you to google by yourself if you want to check a certain brand.
To begin, be relieved girls : some brands you love at Sephora are cruelty-free : Too Faced, NARS and Urban Decay are good examples (even if its parent company L'Oreal does).

Actually I won't list you all the brands that are cruelty free here, because you can easily google it. Yes, being a bit more conscious about your make-up choices involves to take 5 more minutes before buying a product and to do your research. Most of the time, you find the answer on the internet, because a lot of cruelty-free beauty blogs exist (which is not the case of mine - here's a good Instagram account).

In this post I will show you the last purchases I did the past months and to show you 2 great brands you can easily find near you (because most of the famous cruelty-free and vegan brands are only available in the US ... as usual), and that are very cheap.

I placed an order on e.l.f (eyes lips face), a brand I knew since more than 5 years, but of which I never thought again. Actually e.l.f is endorsed by PETA and certified vegan and cruelty-free.
The thing you maybe not know is e.l.f is an amazing bargain.
When I say amazing, I speak about products that often cost around 1€, and almost always under 6€. You could be scared to just receive super-bad-quality products, and after a month of test, let me tell you : no! They are very good (excepted I would not advise you eyeliners). I ordered it with a friend of mine, who told me she was very surprised by the quality
Their brushes are not made from animal hairs and cost between 1.50€ and 4€.
I received the order in less than a week.
Check their website, I'm sure you will find what you need. I recommend you the studio line.

Here is what I got:
 Booster d'éclat in Spotlight - 1€  (left), and baked highlighter in Moonlight - 4 €

Studio High definition powder in - 6.80€ (huge size) Corrective Yellow (great color to hide dark circles under the eyes !) - Studio Powder brush - 4 €.

And being a huge fan of the store (could spend my life there), I needed to know if HEMA beauty products were cruelty-free, since it appears on any list of cruelty-free cosmetics brands (it's actually not a cosmetic brand). And the answer is... yes!
I love HEMA and I have to say I was quite skeptical about putting discount retailer products on my face, and I have never been disappointed considering the price. Even positively surprised!
For instance my last purchase was this liquid lipstick. You know I always wore Ruby Woo by MAC, an iconic shade EVERY F****** blogger has told you about, because it's considered as the best red lipstick evaaaa. I love it, but I have to admit it dries a bit my lips.
And I found this bad boy : it looks amazing, stays as long as Ruby Woo, but does not dries my lips as much!

HEMA fabulous fluid lipstick, shade is n°12 - 5€

Who can beat this price, honestly? So while I cannot wait to see brands such as Pacifica, 100% pure, NYX (this is for soon as I understood their communication strategy lately), Anastasia Beverly Hills, The Balm ( Have it here in Belgium!), Physician's formula.... (the list is long)
to come to France ( we are slow! always), you can simply buy your make up at HEMA or try e.l.f.
Or... order on the internet, because the internet is amazing.

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