jeudi 3 septembre 2015

Close the loop with H&M

When I learnt the new, I felt so happy.
I knew it's never the pure truth, I knew there's always marketing everywhere and that we are never far from greenwashing : thank you guys, I'm in a business school, I know what I'm talking 'bout.

But still : they do it. There's something. This collection is somehow a least a little proof. They are making a move. And even if some people tell that it won't change anything : when you are the world's leading clothes producer, let me tell you, it does.

It's been more than a year now that H&M takes back our clothes in all its stores, and give us vouchers  in exchange to encourage us to do so.
- And I highly recommend you to do it! It's so easy it would be stupid to not try : bring maximum two bags of three clothes (actually they accept any textile!) that you don't want anymore. No matter how used/dirty they are. Win 2 vouchers of 5 € at H&M. That's it! - 
And the result would be this first Close The Loop collection.

Plus, the video is funny, but not less efficient.

And I feel happy.
Because it's always better than nothing, and when a giant like H&M takes this step, there's hope.

(Inditex.... where are you now?)

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