jeudi 24 septembre 2015

#LFW digest

Here's my digest of what I loved at London Fashion Week.

My mood switched from NYC to London mode : it means I feel more open to eccentricity, bold prints, colors...
London is the city of new, emergent designers that have bold and eclectic collections. NYC collections follow a scheme/central idea most of the time. I feel like London shows have no rules and are more playful. Is three words, London is fun. And some fun can't hurt the so-serious fashion industry.
However you'll quickly see that my favorites are always the most simple silhouettes ( you can't change me...ah ah). But I do enjoy seeing more eccentric shows.


I loved the black/white/brugundy kind of color block and how the outfit plays with lengths, with the black crop bandeau and the transparent trousers. The jumpsuit on the right is simple but still highly desirable. 

  The oh-so-British Paul Smith.
This plain camel dress could have been boring, but the accessories made it all. And I love the dress on the left, the association of navy, bright yellow and red made me think of Matisse's paintings... And the necklace is also a statement accessory. 

Victoria, Victoria Beckam : back to the playground

If Posh presents her main collection during NYFW, she goes back to the hood  in London to present the sister line called Victoria, Victoria Beckham. Surprisingly, I had a little crush on this collection, because it has a certain innocence. The bare-feet models and the 70's floral print takes me back to childhood. I love the colors' associations and the denim. 

In complete opposition, I loved David Koma's sexiness, with cut-outs, fitted waist and leather details.

Joseph got me for the same reasons I mentioned in my NYFW digests (you know my current simplicity obsession). No-prints, minimalist silhouettes, ultra-simple white trainers, black, white, nude. Huge crush on this collection. Literally I wouldn't mind wearing these three silhouettes right now.

And I also liked three silhouettes at Topshop Unique.
I think the fluffy pumps are one of the main reasons. I don't know why I always wanted this in my closet, it's a fantasy but I will always find it cute.

The nonchalance of too-long sleeves and unbuttoned shirt.

I also liked the silky floral print on both this jacket/kimono and dress.

Next post: my ultimate crush at London. And next, Milan is already there!

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