lundi 14 septembre 2015

NYFW Digest - 90's spirit

Well, I try to catch up New York fashion week as I can with all social networks you can possibly imagine (remember when fashion weeks were only on blogs? ), I already had some crushes (I will post later about my ultimate crush of this week), and here's my first feeling:


Minimal slip dresses can be spotted on almost every show.
And I love it.
Also, dare to show your belly button for Spring-Summer 16. I know we're in September, but brace yourself and your muffin top and get your abs on in advance.

I LOVED Dion Lee. And that perfect nude midi bodycon dress. (Do the Kardashian Klan influence our era? I'm scared)

 Over-washed denim effect over deep v-neck white. Tibi made it definitely 90's.

Minimal dresses. Everywhere.
Prabal Gurung

 And I feel like Victoria Beckham had a Spice Girls nostalgia. I love these slip dresses. Kinda Young Kate Moss vibe.

Of course, Alexander Wang. Could it be even more #90sKid?

See you on next #NYFW digest.

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