lundi 2 novembre 2015


I was in Paris this week-end and Sunday I just came across an &Other Stories window where I thought I saw the word "recycle".
I was not sure until I found their latest Instagram post confirming I saw right: &Other Stories officially follows its mother-company H&M in recycling our old textile stuff, rewarding us with 10% vouchers.
"We want to reduce the environmental footprint in the fashion world, and recycling is a big part of that. We try to find solutions for it in every part of our process and have, since our launch in 2013, established an in-store recycling program for our beauty packaging. This program is now expanding and will include textile recycling too. From autumn 2015, our stores in Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States offer an in-store textile recycling program." 
What to say ? I feel happy. Things are changing. H&M seems to really try to be involved, at least. There will always be critics and skeptical people about big companies green washing, but I already wrote in my blog I think it is always something, and at the scale of such a group, believe me, it's already a big thing. So stop putting your old textile in the bin, take it back to one of their stores, and get a 10% coupon to have fun.

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